Version 6.0 Announcement

We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of Maintenance Connection Version 6.0. Through an extensive review of product suggestions submitted by customers, our product team has put together our strongest, most exciting software release ever. An email was distributed to the primary contacts at all customers last week, providing access to the MC v6.0 Release Notes.

When can customers begin using MC v6.0?

    • Online hosted customers will be automatically upgraded on June 2nd
      or June 3rd
    • Onsite customers will receive notice of the availability of the upgrade for download in July. Onsite customers can choose the timing of the upgrade that works best for their schedule.

Attendees at Checkpoint 2012 received a preview of the many new features and enhancements that are included in this version. Initial feedback at the event was overwhelmingly positive. We are very enthusiastic about this release and look forward to sharing it with all of our customers.

Check out how customers reacted to MC v6.0 after the announcement at Checkpoint 2012:

Following is a brief list of some of the new MC v6.0 features:

  • Time Zone Enhancements so that users can now set a personal time zone
  • Custom Work Order Filters for Home Page and Explorer
  • Multiple assets can now be linked to a work order on demand
  • Shift Module to assist 24/7 organizations
  • Service Requester Enhancements that allow field ordering and more
  • Rules Manager design enhancements to allow multiple event actions
  • Alert feature that can be used to send popup notifications
  • Message Center that provides a medium for interaction between system members
  • Password Management Tool to assist System Administrators

MC v6.0 includes numerous additional enhancements. To best introduce these new features, we will be publishing a series of blog topics shortly after the release to provide a closer look at the new capabilities.

If you feel that you should have received a copy of the Release Notes, you can sign up for the new MC User Connect Site and login for access. Stay tuned for more information about MC User Connect and MC v6.0 in upcoming blogs!


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