MC User Connect – 2 of 3 – Navigation (CONTEST = PRIZES!)

MC User Connect provides a single location where customers looking for assistance or information can find tutorials, documentation, or even post questions in the User Forum. In this week’s post we will explore the different areas of MC User Connect to get familiar with what it has to offer.   To encourage you to participate, we will be posting a CONTEST TODAY in the NEWS and EVENTS section that will result in multiple winners and PRIZES.

News & Events

If you are looking for updates or new information about Maintenance Connection, this is the place to find it. We will post about upcoming events, contests and prize opportunities, application updates, and other valuable information to ensure MC Users stay on top of things.

User Forum

Our User Forum has over 350 users and the numbers keep growing. The forum has been organized into four different sections for easy navigation. Since its recent inception, there have already been hundreds of posts from users asking questions and providing answers about using Maintenance Connection. LOG IN TODAY and review the Events for details on a CONTEST regarding Industry Groups in the USER FORUM.

Tutorials & Docs

Tutorials have been migrated from the Customer Support Portal over to MC User Connect. It is now easier than ever to access these valuable step-by-step videos and PDFs. In addition, we have centralized the location for support documentation. Now you have direct access to documents like Email Troubleshooting, Survey Set Up, and MC 6.0 Release Notes. We have also posted the PowerPoint files from all of the Checkpoint 2012 breakout sessions.

Knowledge Base and MC Resources

The Knowledgebase is filled with information we have gathered over the years and will continue to be populated with the latest workarounds and technical material.

And to ensure that you have quick access to the help you need, MC User Connect provides quick links to the outstanding resources on which you have come to rely.


To top it all off, we have made all of this information easily searchable. You simply type a term or keyword into the search box on any page on the site. MC User Connect will sift through the user forum, documentation, knowledge base, and tutorials to find the answers you are seeking.

Next week, in our third post about MC User Connect, we will take a more in depth look at the User Forum and how you can take advantage of this valuable resource


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