MC v6.0 – 1 of 6 – Work Order Features

Online hosted customers were upgraded to MC v6.0 on June 3rd, and onsite customers will have the opportunity to upgrade beginning in July. To acquaint our customers with the extensive new features included in this release, we are posting a series of six informative blog posts. This first post in the series will highlight two valuable new features that improve the Work Order Module, creating custom work order filters and linking multiple assets to work orders.

Tip: Keep an eye on the MC User Connect Tutorials and Docs Page for the series of videos that are being published on MC v6.0 Features. New videos will be posted each of the next few weeks!

Custom Work Order Filters

Custom Work Order Filters can now be defined by Repair Center (RC) and displayed on the Home Page and the Work Order Explorer Filter List. Up to 10 custom filters can be defined per RC, such as “High Priority Work Orders for Electrical Shop”, allowing for single click access to important records.

These filters are built using a Criteria Dialog available from Work Order Preferences:

Tip: It should be noted that these filters can be further tailored per member, using the available “My Preferences” option.

How do I get more info?

  • MC User Connect Video: Tutorials and Docs -> Tutorials -> MC v6.0 -> Custom Work Order Filters
  • User Guide: Home Page->Summary Tab->Work Orders & PMs Sub-Tab->Custom Work Order Filters

Link Multiple Assets to a Work Order

Multiple assets can now be linked to a work order directly from the Work Order Tasks Tab. Inclusion on the Tasks Tab will ensure the work order is included in the Work Order History for each specified asset. Previously, this could only be accomplished through a defined Procedure/PM.

To assist in locating work orders that are indirectly tied to an asset through the Work Order Tasks Tab, there is a new “Asset” control on the Work Order Explorer Criteria Dialog (in addition to the “Location” control). This new option returns all work orders tied to the specified asset on either the Details Tab or Tasks Tab. In contrast, the “Location” control will continue to return work orders associated with the specified asset/location (or any asset/location below that level of the hierarchy) only when the asset is directly specified on the Details Tab.

How do I get more info?

  • MC User Connect Video: Tutorials and Docs -> Tutorials -> MC v6.0 -> Multiple Assets Per WO (On Demand)
  • User Guide: Work Order Module Tabs/Pages->Tasks Tab->Tasks Sub-Tab->Add a Linked Asset

Tip: To minimize disruption to your business process, many new capabilities are disabled in the upgrade process through the use of System Preferences and Access Group Permissions. This allows your organization to become acquainted with features and configure them as desired prior to enabling. Contact your System Administrator for assistance with enabling a desired feature that you see described in this blog series.

Check back next week for information about the extensive new capabilities available from the Service Requester.


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