MC v6.0 – 2 of 6 – Service Requester

In this second post in the series highlighting MC v6.0, we will explore the numerous enhancements available in the Service Requester. The new version of the Service Requester is available to all MC v6.0 customers, but is not installed by default during the upgrade, allowing customers to retain their current functionality if preferred. MC v6.0 Customers who would like access to these new features should contact Maintenance Connection Support to request this enhancement.

We will review three features available in the new Service Requester; the ability to reorder field display, valuable changes to the Service Request Status Page, and tools to edit the instructions on numerous pages. These changes are enabled using the Service Requester Configuration option available from the Tools Menu.

Reorder Field Display

Customers can now set the order of fields displayed on the Submit Service Request Page. To modify field order:

  • Access the Submit Service Request Tab and click the Set Display Order… link on the lower right, below the field list:

  • The Requester Field Order Dialog will display, allowing you to specify the sequence for the fields. For example, to reorder the following field list to have Reason appear before Asset, and Needed By moved to the bottom, the dialog might appear as follows:

  • When you are finished, click the Apply/Close Button. MC v6.0 will confirm that the change was successful and return you to the Submit Service Request Tab.
  • With the above settings, the revised Submit Service Request page will appear as follows:

Service Request Status Page Enhancements

The Service Request Status Page now honors a new permission (Module: System) that allows users to view all service requests, rather than just those they have created. The page still defaults to the logged in user’s requests, but can be filtered to other users or “All Requesters.” With the ability to view a higher volume of service requests, it is more important to be able to filter the requests shown. As such, the page can now be configured to include filtering by a number of fields, including shop, department, type, problem and location.

To set up the Service Request Status Page for filtering:

  • Access the Submit Service Request Tab. Use the column on the far left of each field listed to specify that the field should be available for filtering on the Service Request Status Page. In the following example, fields would be available to filter by Location, Shop, Type and Priority.

  • Click Apply when done, and then Preview to take a peek at how this would appear on the Service Request Status Page.

If the user has access to multiple Repair Centers, the first filter displayed will allow them to switch Repair Centers. The Request Status Filter will always display, showing standard values for Request Status.

The newly specified fields will also be available to filter the list of requests displayed. Opening a dropdown control will only include the values that are specified on the full record set. For example, the Requester Dropdown would only show Requesters from the selected Repair Center who are associated with an open request (or a closed request from the defined time period). The same filtering is in effect on the other fields, including “Shop” as shown above. This ensures that the dropdown values remain manageable.

Tip: A “System Preference” is available to specify the number of days in the past closed requests should show on this page.

Instructional Text Editing

Instructional text can now be edited by customers on the Submit Service, Service Request Status, Submit Feedback and Help Pages.

To edit instructional text:

  • Access the Main Menu Tab.
  • Click the Edit Button next to the page on which instructional text is to be edited.

  • A dialog will open prompting you to modify the text content and style as desired.

  • Click Apply when done, and then Close to return to the Main Menu Tab.
  • Click Preview and then select the modified page to view the modified text:

How do I get more info on the Service Requester Enhancements?

  • MC User Connect Video: Tutorials and Docs -> Tutorials -> MC v6.0 -> Service Requester Enhancements
  • User Guide: System Administration->Service Requester Configuration

Check back next week for information about the new Shift Module and enhancements to the MC v6.0 Calendar Features.

Tip: Remember to check out the MC User Connect Tutorials and Docs Page for the latest videos being published on MC v6.0 Features.


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