MC v6.0 – 3 of 6 – Shifts and Calendar

In this third post in the series highlighting MC v6.0 we will review the new Shift Module, along with several enhancements now available in MC Calendars.

Shift Module
The new Shift Module allows your organization to define shifts for each repair center, and then assign labor and work orders to defined shifts.

Once shifts have been defined, they can be assigned to each Labor Record as needed.  Shift can also be tied to each work order created. A default shift can be defined for new corrective work orders, or shift can be manually assigned. PM Generated work orders can also be assigned a default shift.

Once shifts have been assigned, you can filter the Work Manager or Labor Calendar to show all work orders/assignments tied to a particular shift. In addition, when creating new assignments, you can filter the calendar to display tabs for labor assigned to a shift:

To support Pass Downs at the end of a shift, work orders can be globally “reassigned” to the next shift using the new “batch update” feature. As the following example shows, work order requests remaining open at the end of a shift can be viewed in the Expanded Explorer, allowing selected records to be “passed down” to the next shift:

How do I get more info on the new Shift Module?

  • MC User Connect Video: Tutorials and Docs -> Tutorials -> MC v6.0 -> Shift Module to Assist 24/7 Organizations
  • User Guide:
    • Additional Modules->Shift Module
    • Additional Modules->Shift Module->Shift Pass Downs

Calendar Enhancements

MC v6.0 includes numerous enhancements to MC Calendar Features. The Work Manager and Home Page Labor Calendar no longer default to a standard view each time they are accessed. Your selection for “Display Tabs As” is now saved so that the calendar will present by default as you have last specified.

The Work Manager also has a new option to view scheduled employee time off by calendar month. Time Off can be viewed by individual, shop, shift, repair center, department or supervisor. In addition, an All Labor option is available to view time off for all individuals.

Labor Calendars can now also be “shared” from MC to a default calendar application such as Microsoft Outlook, or to a third party calendar program such as Google Calendar. This feature allows Maintenance Connection Assignments or targeted Work Orders to display on the designated calendar. Once shared, the data will be updated based on synchronization settings in the calendar program. It should be noted that this feature only exports calendar data to a third party calendar program; no data is synchronized back from a calendar program into Maintenance Connection.

To share a calendar:

  1. Open the calendar to be shared. This can be the calendar of a specific labor resource, shop, shift, etc.
  2. Click on the Share Button on the far right of the calendar displayed:

  3. The Share Calendar Dialog will display, providing options to share the currently displayed calendar with your default calendar program or another 3rd party calendar program.

  4. To enable sharing for the displayed calendar, click the “Enable Sharing for this Calendar” Indicator.

  5. To share with your default calendar, click the blue link that indicates: “Click here to share this calendar with your default calendar program.” The links turns red when you hover over it:

    Note: The exact steps will vary depending on your default calendar program. The following instructions are based on Microsoft Outlook as an example.

  • You may receive a warning prompting you to confirm that you wish to allow Maintenance Connection to open your calendar program and proceed. If presented with this warning, click the designated option to proceed (e.g., Allow).
  • Your calendar program should open, prompting you to confirm that you wish to add this calendar and subscribe to updates. Click the option to proceed (e.g., Yes).
  • The imported calendar should open and display as an “Other Calendar” or “Shared Calendar”.

  • If necessary, open the calendar item to display all available information (depending on calendar view, you may only see partial information until opened):

  • The calendar will be named “Maintenance Connection” by default. You can use features available from your calendar program to change the name or position in your calendar list. In Microsoft Outlook, right clicking on the calendar name displays the following options:

  • Using the “Rename” option, you could change the name to better represent the calendar being shared. In this example, two MC Calendars were shared, the User’s Labor Calendar and the Night Shift Calendar.

  • Once shared, your calendar will be updated from Maintenance Connection based on synchronization settings in your calendar program.

Refer to the User Guide for more information on this feature, and for instructions to share a calendar with a third party calendar program, such as Google Calendar.

How do I get more info on Calendar Enhancements?

  • MC User Connect Video: Tutorials and Docs -> Tutorials -> MC v6.0 -> Calendar Sharing to Outlook
  • User Guide:
    • Home Page->Work Manager ->Calendar Sharing
    • Home Page->Work Manager ->View Labor Time Off

Stay tuned next week for information on enhancements to the Reporter and System Security, including the new Password Management Feature.


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