MC v6.0 – 4 of 6 – Reporter and Password Management

In this fourth post in the MC v6.0 series, we will highlight some Reporter enhancements, along with the new Password Management Feature.

Reporter Enhancements
The Report List has been enhanced with a “grid” style display, providing additional information to assist when searching for reports:

Report names are truncated to fit into the allowable space, with the full name and description available through a “tooltip”. On the left of the list is a grid, specifying the type of report. These columns can be sorted to quickly locate a particular type of report, such as one scheduled for distribution, or one with a locked setup:

On the far right of the list are columns that show the number of times each report has run (Run Count), as well as the date it was last run (Last Run). This allows for a better audit of report usage, and adds the ability to sort reports by “last run” to expedite locating frequently run reports.

Refer to the following sections of the Reporter Guide for information on additional new features available:

  • Retention of Multiple Selections made in Report Criteria: Report Criteria -> Defining Criteria -> Text Fields -> Connected to a Module Lookup
  • Specifying Days to Exclude Scheduled Reports: Report Setup -> Schedule Tab -> Email Sub-Tab
  • Sub Report Display Controls: Report Setup -> Sub-Reports Tab
  • Style Editor for Conditional Formatting: Report Setup -> Style/Format Tab -> Format Sub-Tabs->Style Editor

Password Management
The new Password Management Feature allows System Administrators to modify passwords on behalf of users. In addition, new settings are available to specify the desired level of security for password definition and whether users should be prompted to change their password after a specified number of days.

Note: Access to this feature is controlled through two new Access Group Permissions.

To edit a member’s password:

  1. Access the Password Management Tool (Tools -> Password Management…).
  2. Use the filter and search controls on the top of the dialog to locate the record to be updated.

  3. Click on the record to modify. The Edit Member Dialog will display, with the password field pre-selected for editing.

  4. To modify the password on behalf of the member, enter a new password in the first password prompt field. Passwords must meet the parameters defined for your organization on the Security Setting Tab. As a new value is entered, the strength of the password entered will be shown to the right of the field prompt.

    Password Strength Options are defined as follows:

  5. Confirm the new password by entering the same value into the second (confirm) password prompt. Until the values match, the following message will be displayed below the password prompts:

  6. If you would like the member to be prompted to change the assigned password upon next login, click the following indicator:

  7. When you are finished changing the password, click the Apply Button.

    Note: To cancel without changing the password, click Cancel.

You will be returned to the Password Management Members Page.

How do I get more info on Password Management?

  • MC User Connect Video: Tutorials and Docs -> Tutorials -> MC v6.0 -> Password Management
  • User Guide: System Administration->System Security->Password Management

Stay tuned next week for information on the new Message Center, and the enhancements to the Rules Manager for sending event based text messages and online alerts.


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