MC v6.0 – 5 of 6 – Message Center and Rules Manager

This post in the MC v6.0 series will explore the new Message Center and Chat Features, along with numerous enhancements to the Rules Manager.

Rules Manager and Alerts

The Rules Manager now supports a broader array of event actions, including alerts, internal notifications and text messages. The interface now includes a new Actions Tab that allows you to specify the intended action(s) for each rule. As shown in the example below, single rules can now be defined to have multiple event actions:

The Rules Manager Dialog has also been enhanced to support these changes, displaying Action Icons and allowing filtering by both Event and Action.

The new Notification Action allows you to send members online alert notifications that popup in the lower right of their screen. You can configure the format, content and “sound” of the alert, and can even specify a Click Action to occur if the user clicks on the alert.

Message Center and Chat

The new Message Center provides a medium for enhanced interaction and communication between system members with access to the MRO/TWC (Service Requesters do not have access). This feature integrates with the Rules Manager, allowing event notifications to be received within the application (in addition to, or instead of an external email application). Members of access groups with permission to use the Message Center will see a new icon displayed on the main toolbar, indicating the number of unread messages.

Tip: Remember, new features such as the Message Center are disabled by default during the upgrade to minimize disruption to your business process. Contact your System Administrator for assistance with enabling the feature.

The Message Center displays an Inbox, showing system generated messages initiated by the Rules Manager, as well as manually composed messages sent between members.

In addition to providing a centralized source for system alerts and notifications, the Message Center includes a feature to chat with accessible online members. A sidebar is shown at the left of the Message Center, listing all members with access to the feature and letting you know which members are online and available to chat. Clicking the Chat option for an Online Member opens a chat window and sends the member an alert requesting the chat.

You simply enter a chat message and click “Send“, and the message will be sent to the Chat Window of the specified member. You can then proceed to carry on a chat dialog.

How do I get more info on the Message Center and enhanced Rules Manager?

  • MC User Connect Videos: Tutorials and Docs -> Tutorials -> MC v6.0
    • Rules Manager
    • Alert Features
    • Message Center
  • User Guide: System Administration->Rules Manager
  • User Guide: Additional Features->Message Center and Chat

Stay tuned for next week’s final blog on v6.0, highlighting some general User Interface Enhancements that were incorporated into the release.


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