MC v6.0 – 6 of 6 – General Enhancements

In this final post in the MC v6.0 series, we will highlight a few general enhancements that were included in the new release. There have been more improvements to the general user interface than can be covered a single blog topic, so we will focus on those that have proven to be the most popular with customers.

Time Zones

Individual users can now set a personal time zone to ensure accurate calculations of elapsed time when multiple time zones are in effect at an organization. When different time zones are specified between the “server” and the “client/member”, all data entered is adjusted and saved in the “server” time zone to ensure accurate calculations.

To set a different personal time zone:

  • Open the Tools Menu and select Preferences….
  • Select the System Folder
  • Click on My Preferences
  • Scroll to the Localization Section and set the Client Time Zone to your personal time zone
  • The image below shows the Client/Personal Time Zone set for “Mountain Time”, with the Server Time Zone set to “Pacific Time”.

When viewing information on the screen, the user will most often see information displayed in their “personal” time zone. As such, two users from different time zones looking at the same data will likely note different times!

It should be noted that custom report forms will not automatically display adjusted times. For additional information on setting a personal time zone, go to:

  • MC User Connect: Tutorials and Docs -> Tutorials -> MC v6.0->Time Zone Enhancements

Auto Complete

The autocomplete features have been extended to additional Work Center Tabs and fixed to eliminate the error that occurred when an option was selected with a mouse. As shown in the following example, entering “le” into the problem field might return this list to allow for quick selection of a desired value.

System Preferences

System Preferences now retain your position in the list as you edit items, eliminating the need to scroll back down to the area of interest. The last item edited also now appears in blue, making it easier to spot your position and the next item to designate. This enhancement is especially valuable when defining preferences for features such as the Enhanced Work Order Complete/Close, as multiple settings are often modified in the same session:


There are numerous additional general user interface enhancements included in v6.0. For more information, log into MC User Connect and access the following videos:

  • Tutorials and Docs -> Tutorials -> MC v6.0
    • Style Editor
    • Batch Update Tool
    • Multiple Selects from Lookups
    • SQL Criteria Builder Dialog

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