Meet Our Developers

With the recent release of MC v6.0, it seemed like a good time to introduce you to some of our developers. The MC Development team is comprised of a talented group of software engineers that bring a broad range of skills and experience to the table.

Chris Bucher, Maintenance Connection’s Lead Architect and the original designer of MC, continues to inspire our development efforts with his impressive user interface skills and knack for converting complex requirements into solid, user friendly features. The majority of MC v6.0 features were developed by Chris, including the new Shift Module, Calendar Enhancements, Rules Manager redesign, Reporting Features, and numerous new UI capabilities. Chris lives in Woodland, California with his wife Deanna and four kids (Amy-13, Ashley-11, Brian-8, and Ally-5). In his free time, Chris enjoys skiing, boating and disc golf. Truth be told, despite the maturity that comes with age and the responsibilities of parenthood, Chris has managed to retain his reputation as the consummate prankster!
Tom Rocco, the Director of Technical Services for Maintenance Connection, focuses on managing the Projects side of our Development Team. Given his technical skills and knowledge of our product, he is never far from the core code and was very instrumental in managing the quality assurance of MC v6.0. Tom lives in a rural county in Utah with his wife Debbie and three kids (Christina-18, Skyler-13, and Brieanna-6). As an avid ATV fan, he often heads right out his driveway and up a local canyon dirt road to make the climb from 6,000 feet to the top of a 10,000 foot mountain range. Whenever he gets the chance, Tom also enjoys shredding the sand dunes in his ATV and camping in Utah’s amazing wilderness.
Chris Bishop, a key member of our Development Team since 2008, focuses on core product development and our production environment. Several valuable MC v6.0 features were developed by Chris, including the Password Management Tool and Message Center/Chat. Chris lives in Carson City, Nevada with his wife Melinda, five year old daughter London, and teenage niece Jermijah. MC Staff that have witnessed the rather adventurous and fearless side of Chris at our company offsites may be surprised to learn that in his hours away from the computer he most enjoys sewing, swimming and creating new dessert recipes!

Randy Johnson, a member of the Development Team since 2005, is typically dedicated to special projects for customers. In addition, he does the majority of work with the popular Enhanced Complete/Close Dialog. The significant enhancements to the v6.0 Service Requester were also championed by Randy, resulting in several new valuable features. Randy lives in a small town in the Sierra Foothills, where he enjoys gardening, day hiking and visits from his 26 year old daughter Jordan. His early years as a ski instructor molded an adventurist spirit, leading him to undertake sky diving, parasailing, underground rafting and spelunking in the past few years!
David Hopper, the most recent addition to the Maintenance Connection Development Team, is primarily focused on our mobile offerings. Although only on board since last fall, he has quickly come up to speed, and is busy implementing some fabulous ideas and new technology for our next generation mobile product. David lives in North Carolina with his two energetic sons, Zach-12 and Nate-10. As a music enthusiast, David enjoys playing both guitar and drums – we look forward to having him join our “yet to be official” band at our next offsite.

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