Solution Engineer Summit – We are growing!

The Solution Engineer Team came away from their summit in Salt Lake City last week full of fresh ideas and a renewed commitment to enhance the Maintenance Connection customer service experience. In addition to extensive sessions to strategize ways to improve our process, the group enjoyed the opportunity to socialize and get to know our newest members. We have been growing rapidly and have added five new staff members to our support team in recent months. Our new members are James Frederick, Will Mantz, Joe Rogan, Sam Thaya, and Jamie Whitbeck.


The action plans that resulted from the summit focus on both technology improvements and increased collaboration between team members. On the technology side, the team will be implementing a new Ticket Management System that will significantly enhance efficiency and improve our ability to communicate effectively with customers. The chosen new system includes more automated processes and will provide a more consolidated support tool, regardless of the source of the incident (phone, chat, or email). In addition, the new tool will enhance our ability to escalate incidents to appropriate members of the team for additional technical assistance. In addition to the new Ticket Management System, a plan was put in place to implement a new phone system to better handle high call volume.

On the collaboration front, new processes were put in place to increase the interaction and problem solving that occurs between team members. For starters, a brief “daily huddle” meeting was added to provide an opportunity to collaborate on challenging items and ensure that all team members are aware of special issues requiring attention. In addition, it was determined that special meetings will be held to review new PM/Reporting and KPI issues, ensuring that all team members share the solutions that are identified. Lastly, additional technical resources were added to Live Chat to increase coverage and ensure that more complex issues are routed to the appropriate individuals most quickly.

The Solution Engineer Team also used the summit as an opportunity to affirm the following five guiding principles:


Manage Expectations

We communicate with transparency to build lasting customer relationships.


Seeing is Believing

We validate and confirm reported concerns and proposed solutions.


Ask Why

We discuss the key objective behind an inquiry so that our advice is focused appropriately.


Solutions First

We collaborate with all team members to efficiently resolve customer requests.


Think Forward

We provide “best practices” solutions to address the root cause of the request and offer resources to the customer to help them in the future.



The changes described above are integral to our efforts to continuously improve our customer service experience. We welcome feedback and ideas from our customers and invite you to personally reach out to our Client Services Director, Brian Kincaid (, with any suggestions or comments you may have!


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