MC Security Tip – Preventing Record Deletions

The most common “panic” call received by the Maintenance Connection Support Team is from customers who have inadvertently deleted records that they did not intend to delete. Deletions in MC are controlled by access group permissions, but even users with the appropriate permission can inadvertently delete the wrong record, bypassing the warning that displays with too quick of a “click”! After numerous calls from customers who found themselves in this situation, we added a feature in v5.0 that adds an extra layer of precaution to the process, prompting the user to enter a delete password confirmation before any records can be deleted.

To set up your system to prompt for a delete password:

  • Open the Tools Menu and select Preferences.
  • Select System from the Module/Category folders on the left.
  • Scroll down until you find the Settings preference for “Require password for delete

  • Select the setting and designate the password you would like users to enter upon attempting to delete a record. Click Apply once specified.
  • In the following example, any user deleting a record would have to enter “Check345” prior to being allowed to delete a record:

Even with these extra precautions in place, customers may find themselves in situations in which important records (such as assets) were inadvertently deleted. To assist customers, a Knowledge Base Article is available from MC User Connect. To access it, log into MC User Connect, select Knowledge Base from the Menu Bar, and then click on the Installation and Environment Category. The article will be listed:

As explained in the Knowledge Base Article, MC Support Staff will request additional details about the data that is lost in order to determine how best to assist you. For example, if a single asset was deleted, they may be able to assist you in recreating that asset and “reconnecting” it to work order history. If extensive data was lost, it may be determined that a database restore should be considered.

The MC User Connect Knowledge Base has numerous articles that have proven valuable to our customers. Be sure to log in and check out the articles that are available:


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