MC Security Tip – Hiding Labor Rates

A number of organizations maintain labor rates in MC to allow for accurate labor costing. When actual pay rates are maintained in MC (vs. fixed rates), it is often important to ensure that this information is hidden from other staff members.

To hide labor rate information from members of an access group:

  • Open the Access Group Module
  • Select the Access Group for which labor rates are to be hidden.
  • Click the Rights Tab.
  • Select Labor Module from the Module Filter on the left, and then ensure that All is selected from the Type Filter.
  • Locate the Tab Access Right to Access Labor Rates Tab and select it.
  • Remove the “Enabled” indicator for this right:

  • Click Apply and then click Save to apply this change.
  • The right should show with a “-” indicating that it is not enabled:

Once this right has been disabled, members of the access group will no longer see labor rates. The Labor Rates tab will no longer be accessible from the Labor Module. In addition, when the Work Order Costs Tab is accessed, the Labor Section will not show any other member as this page displays calculated labor costs based on rates. If there is an Actual Labor record for the logged in user this will display, as members can always see their own information. In the following example, the work order has two actual labor records, but when Emily looks at the page, only her own record shows, as she does not have access to “Labor Rates”:

If Emily tries to add a new labor record by clicking the Add Button, the Labor Lookup will only allow her to select her own record. This ensures that she cannot view rate data from any other labor record:

Tip: Emily would be allowed to add actual labor for another member in the Enhanced Complete/Close Dialog as this feature does not show labor rates when adding actual labor.

When hiding labor rates, it is also important to remember to limit Reporting Rights for these users. That is, you must ensure that you are not giving users access to labor rates through reports, such as Work Order Actual Labor Reports. In most organizations, Access Groups that are not allowed to see labor rates are limited to specific Custom Report Groups, and are not given the right to Access Report Criteria or Setup:


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