Help Us Help You – New Zendesk Tool

As noted in MC User Connect and a previous blog post, Maintenance Connection has implemented a new Ticket Management System to enhance our efficiency and ability to communicate effectively with customers. Zendesk, the chosen new system, includes numerous new automated processes and provides a more consolidated support tool, regardless of the source of the incident (phone, chat or email). Now that Zendesk is up and running, we would like to share some information as to how this change might affect you.


Email Confirmations
The most apparent change for customers will be the email exchange on a support request. When a customer opens a support request (through chat, phone or email), a confirming email will be sent from the MC Solution Center, indicating that a ticket has been opened.  If the request was submitted through email, the message will indicate that we will endeavor to respond within 15 minutes.

When a Solution Engineer responds to an open request, an email from the MC Solution Center will be sent indicating that the request has been updated, providing a solution or requesting additional clarification. In the following example, Adam O’Brien is responding to a request from a customer asking if there is a “way to reorder field columns when you are looking at a report, without having to go back to setup?”

In this example, Adam uses a new tool available within Zendesk to provide a quick video/screencast demonstrating how this can be done in the MC Reporter. Click here to view the video Adam created for this ticket to get a feel for the value of this kind of support tool.

Anytime you require more information or wish to further communicate with the Support Team, you simply reply to the email and type your new information at the top. This will ensure that the email dialog on the issue is consolidated in Zendesk for easy access and reference.

Resolved Issue Confirmation

When an issue is resolved through chat, email, or phone, the MC Solution Center will send out a confirming email indicating that the ticket was resolved. You can reply to the email within seven days to have the issue “re-opened” and ensure the Solution Engineer with whom you worked is made aware that you have a continuing issue.

Better Analytics for MC

This new tool also provides Maintenance Connection with excellent analytics to help us manage the support process and ensure we are serving our customers well. For example, the following chart indicates the resolution time on the previous week’s support incidents:

While this chart shows the percentage of tickets that we were able to resolve in less than two hours:

Next Week…

Stay tuned next week for a blog highlighting how you can best prepare your request to the MC Support Team to ensure the quickest and best resolution!


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