MC v6.0 Survey

Our customers often remark about features from MC v6.0 that they find most beneficial at their organization. Now that most customers have had time to become acquainted with the release, we would like to reach out and learn more about how the release is being used. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we thought it was a good time to ask you about the features you appreciate most!

Customer feedback is very valuable to us, so please take a moment to complete this survey.

Customers that have not yet upgraded to MC v6.0 should visit the MC User Connect site ( and scroll to the News/Event titled “MC v6.o Available  – Schedule Your Upgrade Today” where you will find instructions and a link to schedule a “Full Service Upgrade” with our team.

MC v6.0 Videos Available in MC User Connect

As you explore the features of MC v6.0, remember that MC User Connect includes numerous helpful videos highlighting the new features included with the release.

A redesign of MC User Connect is in progress to make customer documentation resources more easily accessible. A single dropdown (LIBRARY) now provides access to content that was previously split between Knowledge Base and Tutorials.

Selecting the LIBRARY dropdown presents categories of available information:

Clicking on a category, such as Work Orders and Service Requester, displays a list of helpful information for that topic area. The page includes a set of Troubleshooting Documents/Articles, as well as helpful Tutorials. The icon to the left of the title indicates the type of resource (video, PDF, article, etc.):

In the example above, the Tutorials Section includes numerous videos () highlighting new MC v6.0 features. Clicking on a listed video, such as Custom Work Order Filters, opens a window allowing you to view the video.

Stay tuned for information about new resources available through MC User Connect!


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