MC Kudos

In an effort to reinforce our commitment to Service Excellence, Maintenance Connection maintains a system to track Kudos granted to staff members. MC Kudos are encouraged whenever a staff member has demonstrated service excellence around the Maintenance Connection Core Values as shown below:



Each Kudo granted indicates the deserving individual, the core value reinforced, a description of what was done, the individual granting, and the customer who provided the feedback (where applicable):


Kudos can even be granted to an MC Team, providing a method to congratulate our internal teams for an effort well done:


While the majority of Kudos are associated with feedback received from customers, we also encourage Kudos to be granted for service excellence within the organization. As highlighted below, Jamie is receiving a Kudo for helping out another staff member with a tricky customer service issue:


MC Kudos provide a method for staff members to be publicly acknowledged for their outstanding efforts to meet and exceed our core values. The Kudos are published and reviewed with the organization weekly, and awards are given to indivduals who have received the most Kudos each calendar quarter. Congratulations to Austin Hermle and Adam O’Brien for receiving the most Kudos in Q3 of this year!


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