MC User Connect – 2 of 2 – The Library

MC User Connect provides extensive resources for customers inquiring about a specific issue, or those looking to expand their general knowledge of the system. We recently performed some “housekeeping” to optimize navigation and ensure that the 150+ resources that are available are more easily accessible.

All available articles, documents, guides and release notes are now available from the Library tab:

Selecting the Library tab brings forward a topical menu, with the most requested topics at the top to provide quick access with a single click:

Once a topic is selected, all content is displayed, eliminating the previous menus that required additional mouse clicks. The content is separated into Troubleshooting and Tutorial sections, as shown in this example for Staff Membership, Access and Login. Troubleshooting documentation helps you find solutions to problems you might encounter. Whereas, the Tutorials provide more general information, tips, and tricks on how to use the valuable feature sets available in Maintenance Connection.

To ensure you know the type of content that is available inside these links, we have introduced icons to indicate if the content is presented as a downloadable PDF, video, web article, or other type of file best suited to the content. In some cases, such as “Creating and Approving New Members”, multiple options will be available:

In a constant effort to improve the MC User Connect experience, we have identified a number of enhancements that will be introduced throughout the year. If you haven’t been by in a while, or haven’t signed up yet, take a minute to visit and let us know of any changes that you would find beneficial.


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