Inside MC: Meet the Team – Aubrey

Since joining us two years ago, Aubrey Kirch has proven herself to be an especially valuable resource for Maintenance Connection. After a year working as an Account Relationship Manager, Aubrey transitioned into a Solution Engineer position to work more closely with customers and learn more about our software. It is through this role that our customers have become familiar with her friendly and helpful manner, whether responding to a call, chat request, or email. Recently, Aubrey has transitioned to a Customer Coordinator role, where she will be working with new customers to assist in the transition from sales to implementation. Customer Coordinators also work with existing customers when a post-implementation need arises, such as a custom process or additional training. Aubrey is enjoying the diversity of this new role, and especially likes the challenges presented on a daily basis!

Aubrey lives in northern California with her husband Brad, and Great Pyrenees “puppy” Meeko. Aubrey and Brad rescued Meeko, who considers himself to be a lap dog despite his 120 poundsJ.

Aubrey’s calm and friendly demeanor appear to be window dressing for her fiercely competitive side! Her father taught her to play racquetball at age 12, where she quickly excelled on the Junior Tournament Circuit. In age based rankings for juniors, she retained the #1 World Ranking in both singles and doubles for three years (ages 15, 16 and 17; and yes, you read that correctly – world ranking). Her success allowed her to join the professional tour at age 16, where she achieved a ranking of #12 in the world.

Shortly before joining Maintenance Connection, Aubrey decided to take a break from the grueling training required to be successful on the circuit (three to four hours a day; six days a week). She has enjoyed spending the last couple of years focused on her career and starting her new life with her husband, and is now ready to make a more modest return to the adult circuit. MC will be cheering her on as she plays in her first adult national tournament in May.

Maintenance Connection staff are fond of challenging Aubrey to a match, but so far it has been “all talk and no action“. The one challenge she is banking on is the offer from Cary Yocum, Sales and Marketing Director, who has put an iPad on the line if she can keep him to earning only one point in a game! Maybe we should schedule a public trouncing at Checkpoint?


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