Document Management – 1 of 2

Maintenance Connection provides several methods to attach reference documents or files to records in the system. The best feature to use depends on your objectives. Defined documents, images and attachments can all be viewed from the Attach Tab in system modules, but there are several nuances between approaches that can be considered when deciding the method to use.

This two part series will summarize the available methods, highlighting the Documents Module in this first post and the Miscellaneous Attachments feature in the next.

Documents Module

The Documents Module stores both document content and document links within Maintenance Connection, and then references these files throughout the system. This option is often used in the PM/Procedure process to allow commonly used reference documents, such as a schematic or lock out procedure, to automatically propagate to associated work orders. Document Module content and links tied to assets can also automatically be propagated to any work order created for the given asset. Document Module content can also be designated for inclusion on a printed or emailed work order (or purchase order).

Document Module Library Content

The Document Module Library stores content entered directly into Maintenance Connection, inserted as an image, or copied and pasted from Microsoft Word. Once inside the Documents Module, further editing can be performed using the available edit tools.

If designated to print with associated work orders, the content will automatically display on a printed or emailed work order, ensuring that critical information is provided to technicians:

It should be noted that the MC Document Library is designed to maintain smaller content. The Document File Link option described below (or Miscellaneous Attachments) should be used for larger content.

Document Module File Links

The Document Module also stores links to files maintained on an internal file server (or the Internet), allowing organizations to maintain a single source document accessible from multiple locations and applications. As documents are updated at the source, these changes are reflected “real-time” in MC. As with Document Library Content, Document Links placed on procedures or assets will be included on the Attach Tab of all PM Generated Work Orders. They can also be displayed on, but not opened from, printed or emailed work orders (path to the file is displayed; no file content is included). This approach is often the preferred method for referencing larger documents, such as Manufacturer Specs, MSDS Safety Sheets, CAD Drawings/Schematics and Excel Tables.

More Info… Which Approach Should I Use?

The MC User Connect library has a very helpful guide available to assist in determining the best approach to use:

The document includes a Feature Comparison Table highlighting the differences between the available methods. Also, be sure to stay tuned next week for more information on the Miscellaneous Attachments feature.


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