Document Management – 2 of 2

In last week’s post in this series, we reviewed how the Documents Module is used to store document content and links within MC v6.0. In this week’s post we will discuss Miscellaneous Attachments, which provide a quick method to attach multiple file types to a specific record.

Files attached through this feature are tied directly to the given record and are not generally available from other records or modules. For example, if you attached a LOTO (lock out – tag out) to a procedure as a Miscellaneous Attachment, it would only be tied to that specific procedure. If it applied to other procedures, it would have to be individually uploaded to each of them. In contrast, if a LOTO was placed in the Documents Module, it could be referenced from all procedures to which it applied.

Miscellaneous Attachments tied to procedures or assets can automatically be propagated to any associated work orders. It should be noted, however, that Miscellaneous Attachments cannot be designated for inclusion on a printed or emailed work order (or purchase order).

Note: New Work Order Setting Preferences are available to indicate whether or not Miscellaneous Attachments tied to Assets and Procedures should transfer to newly created work orders.

The Miscellaneous Attachments feature can be very valuable for attaching discreet information to a specific record. For example, you might want to attach receipts, invoices or test results to a given work order:

While images are typically stored on the “Images” sub-tab for easy previewing, they can also be attached on the Misc Attachments tab in order to have all information maintained in one place:

More Info…

As mentioned last week, the MC User Connect library has a very helpful guide available to assist in determining the best approach to use:

The document includes a Feature Comparison Table highlighting the differences between the available methods.


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