Explorer Preferences

MC includes a number of preferences that allow you to tailor the display and behavior of records shown in the Explorer List.  For all modules, there are three general preferences available:

The first two preferences simply determine whether the Explorer List should be automatically refreshed upon saving a new or edited record. Setting these to “Yes” ensures that the list is always up to date. Alternatively, if this is set to “No”, you can manually refresh the list using the available Refresh Button as desired.

The third preference allows you to control the number of records that will display in the list. The default setting (BH) displays the maximum number of records per page that will fit based on the current “Browser Height”, without need to scroll. To view additional work orders, the “Next” option is used to retrieve the next page of records.

If you prefer to have more records displayed on a single Explorer page, this setting can be changed. For example, changing the preference to “ALL” will result in all records being displayed in a single scrollable page. With this setting, the user simply uses the scroll/arrow control to move on to additional records.

These settings can be individually defined for each module, based on your business practice and volume of records. In addition to “BH” and “ALL”, this preference can be set to display a specific number of records per page (e.g. 100).

Format Criteria

Explorer Preferences can also be used to define conditional formatting in the Work Order, Purchase Order, Inventory, and Asset Modules. Up to three different format styles can be defined for each of these modules:

In this example, Format Criteria was used to display all assets with open work orders in red in the Asset Explorer.

For instructions on using this valuable feature, refer to the Conditional Formatting Setup Guide available in MC User Connect:

Custom Work Order Filters

The Work Order Module also includes preferences that allow you to define Custom Work Order Filters for display on the Home Page and Work Order Explorer Filter dropdown. Up to 10 custom filters can be defined per RC, such as “High Priority Work Orders for Electrical Shop”, allowing for single click access to important records:

For more information on this feature, refer to a previous blog post on Work Order Features in MC v6.0. The User Interface Configuration section of the MC User Connect Library also includes a video on setting up Custom Work Order Filters.


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