Asset Series – 2 of 3 – Set Hierarchy Display Order

In this second post in the Asset Series, we will highlight the utility that allows you to set the display order in the Asset Hierarchy. In the following example, assets are sorted by Asset Name at all levels of the tree:


Set Display Order

If you would like more control over the display order of assets, you can use the tool to reorder the display as desired. The Asset Hierarchy Display Order feature is available from the Tools Menu:

After opening the tool, the top level of your Asset Tree will display in the left pane. As a node is selected, the children of that node will display in the right pane:

At the bottom left of the dialog is a control to set the default order. As shown below, the Asset Tree is currently set to display in Asset Name order:

Clicking the link will bring forward the preference that allows this default to be changed. The preference can be set to Asset Name, Asset ID, or Custom. The Custom setting allows you to specify the order of display for individual assets:

Let’s say that you would prefer a custom order for the Convention Center that puts the floors in their actual order (Basement below 1st). Similarly, the Basement can be set so that the rooms are displayed above the folders. You might use the following to set this:

The resulting Asset Tree would appear as follows:


It should be noted that nodes that are not given a specific order will show in Asset Name order by default.





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