MC User Connect – Roadmap

At MC User Connect, we continue to analyze, strategize and innovate on your behalf to bring you unmatched world class services that are second to none.  It’s about time for us open the door a little and reveal our road-map:


Product Suggestions

Recommended by top analysts and consultants is the ability for users to contribute their feedback to help prioritize development.  For years, Maintenance Connection has had a Product Suggestion list to record your feedback.  Until now, user access to the list was purely through MC support staff.  Our Product Suggestion Transparency Act will put users in direct contact with the list including the ability to comment and vote on items within the list. Let your voice be heard!

Ticket submission w/ integrated article recommendations

We are building a new way to create a support ticket directly from within MC User Connect.  No need to bounce around from site to site.  No need to pick up a phone.  Additionally, this upcoming feature will automatically search through the articles, videos, documentation, and forum for relevant solutions based on the information you enter while creating your ticket.

Ticket status

Want to know that status of your support ticket?  Has your advanced request been escalated to a specialized team?  The upcoming feature will allow you to see your status with a simple click of the mouse.

Account detail access

Are you interested in when your annual support contract needs to be renewed?  Or, how many service days do I still have in balance?  We are working on a solution that will provide users and administrators with information regarding their Maintenance Connection account.

As we are working on these enhancements, one of our top priorities is to consider how we can take advantage of all the elements our partner Zendesk has to offer.  We are evaluating the expansion potential of the current platform on which MC User Connect is deployed.  A change may be necessary, but we are committed to as little downtime as possible, and we will provide plenty of notice.

The wealth of information in MC User Connect and a tight integration to Zendesk will provide you with the best support experience you will find anywhere, ever.



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