Work Order Tools – 1 of 2 – Work Order Rapid Entry

Maintenance Connection includes some very helpful Work Order Tools that are less commonly used by our customers. This blog series will highlight two of these features, the Work Order Rapid Entry Tool and the Labor Timesheet Tool.


Work Order Rapid Entry

This beneficial feature provides a quick method to add a series of work orders and is especially valuable for administrators entering requests submitted via email, phone or paper by users without access to MC. The tool provides a one screen entry mechanism that is custom designed for your organization to include the fields that are important when establishing a work order, along with any logical default values.


You can indicate the reason/problem/procedure for the work, requester information, assigned individual, and the asset requiring work. For completed work orders, you can enter actual labor hours, parts used, and the labor report. Based on setup, work orders can even be completed or closed out from the same screen.

A series of preferences are available to determine which fields should be displayed and whether or not default values should be defined. These preferences can be accessed from the standard menu (Tools->Preferences; Work Order folder) or from within the tool (tab displays if user has permission to modify preferences).

The tool can be tailored by including/excluding the following fields:

  • Default Asset (starting point for selecting an asset)
  • Requester Information
  • Reason and Procedure Fields
  • Problem, Failure, and Solution Fields
  • Type and Priority Fields
  • Organizational Attributes (Repair Center, Shop, Department, Supervisor, Customer)
  • Meter Readings
  • Labor Hours (Actuals)
  • Inventory Items (Actuals)
  • Status Updates (Issued, Completed, and Closed)


Once configured, the feature can be accessed from the Tools Menu (Tools->Work Order Rapid Entry). In the following example, the tool is setup to capture key fields on work orders (including a custom UDF) and complete them in a single step. In this example, a work order with an assignment to Roberta Jones would be created, an actual labor record of 3.5 hours would be recorded, and the work order would then be marked as completed:

It should be noted that the Work Order Rapid Entry Tool requires the MC Agent.  If the tool is not displayed at your organization, check with MC Support to ensure you have the MC Agent installed and activated.


Stay Tuned

Check back next week for a highlight of the Labor Timesheet Entry tool.




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