Inside MC – Sam Thaya

The MC Environment Team handles customer installations and upgrades as well as technical support issues related to the server environment. As such, it is the perfect stomping ground for Sam Thaya who enjoys the technical challenge, as well as the opportunity to work closely with both customers and the MC Clients Services Team.

Sam was born in Laos and moved to this country with his two siblings as a preschooler, gaining early English language skills through plentiful cartoon observation (“yabba dabba doo” being one of his first complex vocabulary wordsJ). Sam spent most of his formative years in Fresno, California, before moving to Kansas. He returned to Fresno seven years ago, where he now lives with his beloved Bichon Frise, Jubie.


Don’t let Sam’s mild mannered demeanor (or affection for a “fru fru” pooch) fool you – he is one tough guy. When Sam first became interested in kick boxing about six years ago, he was a hefty 240 pounds. He quickly became passionate about the sport and spent two to three hours a night at the gym, five nights a week. A year later, ready for his first match, he was a lean and mean 183 pounds! All this hard work paid off, winning the match in the first round against an experienced opponent. Sam continued to compete for five years, but now just goes to the gym for fun. Check out the before and after pictures of Sam, taken just a year apart:


Kickboxing is just one of many of Sam’s interests. He enjoys magic tricks and sewing/quilting, and is also an avid amateur photographer, specializing in both portrait and landscape photography. Sam is often seen with a camera around his neck at MC Events, and is using his photography skills to help out at the local Boys and Girls Club, taking senior pictures for youth who could not otherwise afford this rite of passage. In Sam’s youth, he found his community center to be very supportive, which inspired him to give back to a similar organization as an adult. He supervises teens in afterschool activities, and helps with resume/interview preparation and computer skills training. Sam’s favorite perspective, however, is from behind the camera, capturing youthful memories as with this picture from their Sadie Hawkins dance:


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