Let Your Voice Be Heard with MCUC

Did you know that the MC User Connect site now includes a product suggestion forum which incorporates customer voting functionality? We’ve made it so easy for users to log in and let their voice be heard. Here are just a few recent suggestions from MC users that got us thinking:

Suggestion #1 – Customer (John, 5 votes): Larger Log Off button
“I have a lot of users hitting the ‘X’ instead of log off button. My Suggestion is to include larger button or somehow make it more prominent.

Customers added their thoughts to John’s Suggestion:
(Jeremiah) “Or better yet, in my opinion, have window closure trigger their session to end.”
(Evan) “Also make a keyboard shortcut for logging off.”

Suggestion #2 – Customer (Shari, 3 votes): Labor Calendar Correction

“On the home screen under Labor Calendars when you hover over a work order on the calendar with your mouse, it instructs you to double click to view the work order. Double Click only opens the Change Assignment form not the work order. It is misleading. You have to right click to open the work order to view it.”

Log in today and post a suggestion, follow recommendations, and vote on others’ ideas to let your voice be heard. We’re listening to what you have to say. Who knows, your request just might become a product enhancement in a future release!




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