Inside MC – Julie Brox

Julie Brox is one of the newest additions to our customer support team of Solution Engineers. She joined Maintenance Connection in June of 2013 and now enjoys spending her days working with customers by answering their questions and giving expert advice as she helps troubleshoot their support scenarios to provide solutions.

Julie enjoys collaborating with customers and appreciates the fact that every day poses new challenges and provides opportunities to lighten each customer’s load and make their jobs a little bit easier. She feels fortunate to be part of an organization that places focus on giving back in various ways, including the MC Gives Back events.

Julie’s childhood resembles that of Dorothy’s in The Wizard of Oz. She grew up on a farm in Kansas where she developed a strong love of animals. It wasn’t just the chicken, pigs, and horses that warranted her attention and care, but the needy stray dogs and cats that would wander onto the farm in need of food.  Her heart for them sparked regular persuasion by Julie towards her parents until they agreed to let her take each “Toto” she would find into their home as a pet. This instilled a compassionate instinct in Julie that would lead her to grow
up and continue to rescue animals of all kinds.


Julie, now a Colorado local (she resides about 30 minutes from Denver), spends time volunteering at several nearby rescue organizations. It seems only logical that she would be drawn to others who have a passion for animal rescue. Julie met her husband Mike in a pet adoption event parking lot. He was fostering four dogs and she happened to be introducing one of them to its potential adoptive family. They hit it off and combined their household of six pets (two dogs, two cats, and two rabbits), who luckily all got along with ease.


Julie and Mike enjoy the outdoors and like to frequent the local hiking trails. They live just a few miles from a dog park that has acres of trails. It is a favorite spot of their Great Pyrenees, Abby. Julie also enjoys attending yoga classes several times a week. Her favorite cuisine is East Indian food. Luckily the Denver area has lots of Indian restaurant options to satisfy her cravings.



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