MC Integrates NEW GIS Connector

Maintenance Connection now provides a way to visualize and locate data though a seamless integration with Geospatial Information Systems (GIS). Our new GIS Connector gives cities, utility districts, and organizations with distributed infrastructure the ability to manage assets and work geographically right from within MC.

  • Sync asset information from geospatial database to MC automatically.
  • Access locations for work orders and assets instantly right from the interface.
  • Integrate with ESRI, AutoCAD, and many standard GIS platforms easily.
  • Display dual map options like Google/Bing maps and street views in the same screen.

Our experienced team is ready to learn about your organization’s needs and determine how the MC GIS Connector can be a useful addition to your existing Maintenance Connection installation. Contact us today for a demonstration and let us show you how this add-on could help your organization achieve great results.



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