Grouped WOs Ungroup – How to Regroup

Have you ever taken a look at your Work Order Explorer and seen pages of Work Orders that seemed to have appeared out of no where? Rest assured, Maintenance Connection did not just create extra work for you and there is a quick way to get your work load back to normal.

This post will cover the following topics that are designed to help you re-group the stray Work Orders and prevent this issue from happening in the future by providing a short-term and a long-term solution.

Background: In certain situations, when the master record of a Work Order group does not get completed by it’s designated Target Date, the Work Order group will become ungrouped. This issue affects a limited amount of databases.

Short-Term Solution (manual re-grouping)

  1. Navigate to the Work Order module-Group tab of the affected record.ungroupedwo1
  2. Using the ‘Add’ button, re-attach the missing Work Orders to the Work Order groupungroupedwo2

Long-Term Solution (automatic re-grouping)

The long-term solution involves a straightforward process of running a script in either the SQL Studio Management Tool (On-Premise customers) or contact Maintenance Connection support for further assistance (hosted customers). A step-by-step set of instructions on how to run the script to resolve this issue can be found by logging in to MCUC and typing in the search term “Regroup”.


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