Inside MC – Jenna Hermle

Jenna Hermle is the Accounts Receivable Manager at Maintenance Connection. She has been with the company since May, 2011 and is the primary liaison between customers and the MC accounting department. In addition to billing collections activities, she manages inquiries and invoice related questions from customers.

Jenna enjoys the “instant gratification” she gets from seeing payments trickle in each week. Though some would likely assume that the collections portion of her role would be less than pleasant, she finds that the majority of her interactions with customers are actually quite the opposite. Thanks to the helpful nature of MC clients, Jenna finds that her job is typically very enjoyable.

She is married to fellow MC staffer, Data Center Manager, Austin Hermle. The two live in Woodland, CA (just North of Sacramento) where Austin grew up. They recently bought their first house together and enjoy spending their weekends on various home improvement projects. The two enjoy spending time with their twin nephews and niece, all under the age of one. They babysit the twins weekly, which is always a lot of fun.

Jenna is a very artistic and creative person whose deep love for musical and dramatic arts goes back to her childhood. In her youth she was a classically-trained ballerina and practiced for over 12 years. She also plays the piano and enjoys arts and crafts of all sorts including knitting, crocheting, quilting, and macramé. Her creative side also extends to language arts. She thinks her life would be incomplete without writing and reading. She spends time writing whenever she can in her many journals and can frequently be found buried in one of the many books stacked on her nightstand.

In her spare time she likes to partake in social activities which include spending time with family, movie nights with girlfriends, pizza nights, and bible study groups. Jenna also does some occasional freelance work as the quarterly newsletter editor for a publication called Principle Perspective, produced by the Institute for Principle Studies, a non-profit organization that focuses on educating American audiences of all ages on the principles of government, history, and economics.


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