MC Express Is Here

Our new MC Express mobile application is here! We provided a preview to our customers in a live webinar earlier this week and the reviews across the board were astounding. Not only is MC Express sleek and intuitive to use; it is a fantastic time saving tool for MC users! Its features give organizations faster ways to complete maintenance tasks because the application actually decreases workflow timeframes by providing both technicians and managers immediate access to real-time information. Technicians can receive alerts about new work assignments instantly, and work requesters can obtain minute-by-minute status updates.

Don’t worry If you missed the webinar this week we’ll be holding another webinar next week.

See MC Express “live” and get your questions answered during our exclusive client preview webinar.

When: Thursday, June 19th at 12:00 PM PDT


We’ll show you the power of MC Express including features like:

  • Adding critical documents to work orders
  • Logging wrench time with the start and stop of a timer
  • Accessing the complete work history on any asset from out in the field


If you haven’t seen the MC Express yet, we know that  you’re going to love it! You can get a sneak peek when you Log in to MCUC and watch a short video on the home page to see it in action. You can also read the full press release while you’re there.




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