MCUC – Find Answers Quickly and Follow Updates to Topics You Care About

Searching for the answers to your questions has never been easier in MC User Connect when you use the search bar that is prominently displayed throughout the customer portal. Rapidly access relevant content within the hundreds of library articles and thousands of community posts. You can type in keywords and instantly receive two types of powerful information. Results include both the Maintenance Connection documentation library and forum discussions that fellow users have contributed through the community.

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and use this search feature to see for yourself how MCUC helps save you time by providing answers quickly! Also, remember to follow topics that you have searched for using the “follow” feature to stay up-to-date on all conversations about topics that are relevant to you. When new information is added to the MCUC that is pertinent to your topic you’ll get notifications via email.

To watch a quick video that shows you how easy it is to search for answers to your commonly asked questions click the play button below:

Feature Highlight \\ Keyword Search from Maintenance Connection, Inc. on Vimeo.


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