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Save the Date for Checkpoint 2014

We are excited to announce the dates for Maintenance Connection’s annual user training conference – Checkpoint 2014. This year’s event is being completely overhauled with new and improved training classes, a new location, and many other great improvements. Anyone using Maintenance Connection on a daily basis will not want to miss this important annual event.

Come join hundreds of other MC users October 13 – 16 in sunny Orlando, FL and take your skills to the next level with training classes for all skill levels. Network with other organizations from similar industries and gain valuable insights into how to maximize your implementation of Maintenance Connection. Get to know the MC staff, gain valuable insights into the company’s direction, and get answers to all of your questions about Maintenance Connection.

Registration will be available in April. Check in at for the more information.

Event Registration will be $1,450. Take advantage of early bird pricing and save $100 per attendee.

For any additional questions, please email


What is 1% Improvement Worth?

I recently attended the National Facilities Management & Technology show, and was able to visit a few of the educational seminars. There was an interesting presentation by a CMMS consultant who shared some information which I would like to share with you. A 2010 Aberdeen Group study showed that implementing a CMMS can have incredible benefits, especially when there is no formal “system” in place to help manage the maintenance processes.

Results from CMMS implementations

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Increased by 8%

Maintenance Cost

Reduced by 9.5%

Asset Downtime

Reduced by 14%

(2010, Aberdeen Group)

There’s no question that implementing a CMMS like Maintenance Connection can produce incredible results. In addition to these metrics, think about some of the gains that can be made in these areas:

What is 1% improvement worth?

  • Energy (what do we spend on utilities?)
  • Asset availability (are we operating 24/7?)
  • Operator/trades utilization (are we labor intensive?)
  • Asset life (are we capital intensive?)
  • Response time (how spread out are our facilities?)
  • Safety (what do we pay in works comp?)
  • Production line speed/output (can we push through more volume with better asset performance?)
  • Spare parts inventory level/turns (are we inventorying the right spares to avoid catastrophic downtime?)
  • Inventory service level (are parts there when we need them?)
  • Quality of output, i.e. rejects, rework, loss, giveaway, shrinkage, yield, and waste (what is the cost of poor quality?)

MC Gives Back 2013 to Chiapas

Last week was incredible as 15 MC staff traveled to Chiapas, Mexico to partner with a customer, Young Life, for our third annual MC Gives Back project. The time was spent investing in young people, reviving a local middle school with fresh paint and a new computer lab, working in an orphanage, building an obstacle course for the kids’ summer camp, and playing lots of soccer with the local kids.

It was a great week! More stories and updates can be found at

2013 CMMS Benchmark Report by Software Advice

We have partnered with software selection authority Software Advice for a number of years to help spread the good word about CMMS and its benefits. Maintenance Connection has been one of their top CMMS recommendations for many years. Many MC customers have taken a couple minutes to share their success with other potential users. Have you done that yet? If not, it only takes a few minutes by following this link.

Maintenance Connection

A powerful web-based system, Maintenance Connection features multi-site asset tracking, contract and project management and preventative maintenance. Scaleable and seamlessly integrates with other software.

2013 Computerized Maintenance Management System Benchmark Report

More interestingly, the Software Advice team recently published the results of a survey asking maintenance professionals how they use software to get organized and improve efficiency. The results of this survey come from many MC users, but also other CMMS solutions in the marketplace. The article is published online in the 2013 Computerized Maintenance Management System Benchmark Report. Check it out!

Here are a few snapshots from the report:

What Type of Software Do You Use?

Do You Use On-Premise or Cloud-Based Software?

How Satisfied Are You with Your Software’s Features?

Maintenance Connection Core Values

Exceed Expectations
We exceed expectations by serving our customers with excellence and integrity.

Superior Software Solutions
We create intuitive, user-friendly software that provides solutions to customer needs.

People Before Profit
We value mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and employees.

Work to Live
We encourage a healthy work-life balance for our employees and their families.

Give Back
We use our resources to make a positive impact on people around the world.

If you missed it, check out What Makes Maintenance Connection Great….