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Let Your Voice Be Heard with MCUC

Did you know that the MC User Connect site now includes a product suggestion forum which incorporates customer voting functionality? We’ve made it so easy for users to log in and let their voice be heard. Here are just a few recent suggestions from MC users that got us thinking:

Suggestion #1 – Customer (John, 5 votes): Larger Log Off button
“I have a lot of users hitting the ‘X’ instead of log off button. My Suggestion is to include larger button or somehow make it more prominent.

Customers added their thoughts to John’s Suggestion:
(Jeremiah) “Or better yet, in my opinion, have window closure trigger their session to end.”
(Evan) “Also make a keyboard shortcut for logging off.”

Suggestion #2 – Customer (Shari, 3 votes): Labor Calendar Correction

“On the home screen under Labor Calendars when you hover over a work order on the calendar with your mouse, it instructs you to double click to view the work order. Double Click only opens the Change Assignment form not the work order. It is misleading. You have to right click to open the work order to view it.”

Log in today and post a suggestion, follow recommendations, and vote on others’ ideas to let your voice be heard. We’re listening to what you have to say. Who knows, your request just might become a product enhancement in a future release!




New User Portal Gives MC Clients an Even Faster Way to Connect

We’re now offering our clients a better way to interact with one another and with our support experts all in one place. The newly redesigned MC User Connect site is now available to all customers to bring them a faster and more efficient way to stay connected.

Customer (John): I logged into MCUC this morning and saw that the site has a new look.  Can you tell me more about it?

MC Solution Engineer (Adam): MCUC was updated to save you time by providing a faster way to connect with support, search for solutions, and connect with fellow users in a simpler way. You can now submit tickets online that go directly to us, record screencasts to show us how and where you may be having trouble, and make product suggestions that other users can vote on to help us prioritize desired functionality for future upgrades.

John: Wow, that’s going to make my job easier when I need to get in touch with you. Can I still get access to MC documentation and event updates on the site?

Adam:  Of course. As always, the MCUC community will continue to be your source for customer news and updates, user forums, product documentation, and eLearning opportunities.

John: Sounds like you’ve thought of it all. I’m looking forward to using the new site. Thanks!

Get a preview of what’s new in MCUC by watching a short video. For a limited time, users who log into the new system will also be rewarded with a $5 Starbucks card*!


* $5 Starbucks cards are limited to the first 25 users who log into the new MCUC site.

MC User Connect – Roadmap

At MC User Connect, we continue to analyze, strategize and innovate on your behalf to bring you unmatched world class services that are second to none.  It’s about time for us open the door a little and reveal our road-map:


Product Suggestions

Recommended by top analysts and consultants is the ability for users to contribute their feedback to help prioritize development.  For years, Maintenance Connection has had a Product Suggestion list to record your feedback.  Until now, user access to the list was purely through MC support staff.  Our Product Suggestion Transparency Act will put users in direct contact with the list including the ability to comment and vote on items within the list. Let your voice be heard!

Ticket submission w/ integrated article recommendations

We are building a new way to create a support ticket directly from within MC User Connect.  No need to bounce around from site to site.  No need to pick up a phone.  Additionally, this upcoming feature will automatically search through the articles, videos, documentation, and forum for relevant solutions based on the information you enter while creating your ticket.

Ticket status

Want to know that status of your support ticket?  Has your advanced request been escalated to a specialized team?  The upcoming feature will allow you to see your status with a simple click of the mouse.

Account detail access

Are you interested in when your annual support contract needs to be renewed?  Or, how many service days do I still have in balance?  We are working on a solution that will provide users and administrators with information regarding their Maintenance Connection account.

As we are working on these enhancements, one of our top priorities is to consider how we can take advantage of all the elements our partner Zendesk has to offer.  We are evaluating the expansion potential of the current platform on which MC User Connect is deployed.  A change may be necessary, but we are committed to as little downtime as possible, and we will provide plenty of notice.

The wealth of information in MC User Connect and a tight integration to Zendesk will provide you with the best support experience you will find anywhere, ever.


Tis the season …

To our valued customers:

During the holiday season, it is good practice to step back and take a look at the gifts we have been given.  At Maintenance Connection, we are sure that each and every one of our customers is a gift.  As such,  our staff would like to extend a huge “Thank you!” to all of our clients who have supported us and kept us growing through the past years to become the company that we are today.

Your trust is greatly appreciated and we take it very seriously.  We cannot thank you enough for putting your confidence in us to provide you with a solid and capable piece of software that you can trust day in and day out.  We will continue to listen to your needs and develop new cutting edge technologies that will help maximize productivity and reliability while minimizing your maintenance costs.

This past year has seen some significant upgrades and improvements through versions 4.0 and 4.2.  There were many new features and innovations that came directly from you and your valuable feedback.  We look forward to hearing all of your wishes for the next release, v4.5, and being able to include as many as possible.

Again, we give you our sincerest thanks and look forward to spending 2010 with you. Hopefully, we’ll get to visit you on the MCRV Tour.

Happy Holidays

Maintenance Connection Staff

Profiles of Success: Towson University


Earlier this year we introduced you to the McGraw Hill company who is one of our successful customers.   The feedback they provided was directly from a survey project called “Profiles of Success”.  We have selected Towson University to be showcased in this blog post; another customer who has completed the below survey. If your organization is interested in participating in the Profiles of Success survey, simply fill out this form and we’ll include your response in a future post.

Las Vegas Training Event
Have you signed up for our Western Regional Training Seminar?  The early bird special will expire by the end of this month causing prices to increase a minimum of $100/person.  Please click on the image below to download a PDF with additional information.


Customer Spotlight

A special thanks to Troy Lingelbach from Towson University for all of his hard work throughout his implementation and being gracious enough to provide such thorough feedback about his usage of Maintenance Connection.  I have had the pleasure of personally working with Troy on his roll-out of Maintenance Connection and should mention his continued patience and dedication is one of the main fators they have seen such outstanding results.

Survey Questions: Towson University’s Responses:
Question #1:(BEFORE)

  • What system (if any) was in place before Maintenance Connection was implemented?
  • What were some of the main business drivers for implementing CMMS?

  • Prior to Maintenance Connection we operated 2 independent CMMS’s simultaneously.
  • The reason for running two systems was because each system served several different needs.
    • One system (Maximo) served the Academic buildings on campus.
    • The other system (which was web based), was designed and developed in-house, and served the Residential buildings on campus.
  • Our main business driver for choosing Maintenance Connection’s CMMS was because we needed a single web based system that could serve our entire campus.
    • With the Academic and Residential buildings having different requirements, this system needed to be flexible yet fully capable of providing a complete CMMS. 
  • Because of all these needs, we chose Maintenance Connection since their CMMS provided the best possible options and would produce the best end results.
Question #2:(SELECTION)

  • What were your top reasons for choosing Maintenance Connection over other CMMS options?

  • Our top reason for selecting Maintenance Connection was because they could easily customize their CMMS to our organization and make it fit within the processes we already had in place.
  • After implementing it, we noticed the benefits of having a 100% we based CMMS software, and appreciated the fact that the system was extremely easy to use.
Question #3:(USAGE)

  • Describe the general usage of Maintenance Connection within your organization.

  • We have two primary uses for our CMMS, which have provided strong benefits and continuous results.
    • Our Physical Plant staff uses Maintenance Connection for preventative and corrective maintenance.
    • Our Faculty, Staff, and Resident Students, on the other hand, access Maintenance Connection’s Service Requester to initiate a request for repairs.
      • This has helped out tremendously as all requests are automatically routed to the appropriate shop according to the respected problem type (a very efficient process).
Survey Questions: Towson University’s Responses:

  • List a few improvements that your company has experienced as a result of implementing Maintenance Connection’s CMMS?
  • (Examples include: reduced downtime by 10%, decreased parts stock-outs by 25%, saved $100,000 per year in overtime)

  • Since implementing Maintenance Connection’s CMMS, we have noticed:
    • Improved communications and relations with our customers.
    • An approx. 75% reduction in telephone calls to our Work Control Center.
      • This has drastically helped save labor cost and allowed our employees to become more productive.
      • We have also noticed improvement within our record keeping and reporting abilities.
      • We have eliminated numerous bottlenecks in the work order flow process.
      • And most importantly, we have benefited from a drastic improvement in productivity from our maintenance staff by maximizing their ability to improve areas around our campus. 

  • Describe your experience during implementation, from the initial purchase through “go-live.”

  • Overall, our implementation went very well without any major issues.
  • Our account manager and the entire Maintenance Connection support team have always been available when we needed them.
  • Our system has been up and running for 2+ years without any unscheduled down times.

  • Do you have any suggestions for someone just beginning the implementation of CMMS?  

  • Implementing a CMMS in your organization may require substantial changes to the way you operate.
  • When choosing a CMMS, you should carefully analyze which one will give you the ability to customize the system to ensure it can “work for you.”
    • Without this ability you will have to modify the way your organization functions in order to support the CMMS
    • (When in reality, it should be the other way around – the CMM system should customize to the organization’s needs.  This is why we chose this company for our CMMS needs).
  • Choosing Maintenance Connection has taken our organization to the next level, without causing unnecessary strains or burdens to our operations.
  • Maintenance Connection’s CMMS integrated very well with the way we work and has provided many additional benefits that we never had before.