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CMMS Training – Not Just for Implementations

Whether an organization is putting a new CMMS system into place or has been utilizing a tool for years, training should be a considered a critical component to successful usage. Training is necessary to keep up with new features in the software, enhance the skillsets of employees, and improve efficiency. Training sessions should be held for each person in an organization who will be using a CMMS on a day-to-day basis including technicians, maintenance supervisors, and administrators.

A recent article in Reliable Plant Magazine reinforces this concept by adding the following advice “Keep in mind that training is an ongoing process throughout the lifetime of the CMMS. Send your maintenance team to refresher webinars and knowledge-transfer workshops to help reinforce best practices. During training workshops, attendees may become aware of certain modules and features that could be deployed in their organizations to make their workflow more efficient.”

At Maintenance Connection we encourage all clients to immerse themselves in regular training of our software on an ongoing basis. We offer various options for clients to grow their knowledge of our CMMS and become better users. These options include Checkpoint, our annual user conference, on-site training, eLearning opportunities, and system audits. We recently put together a training menu for all user types based the most frequent training requests we receive from clients. We firmly believe that ongoing training is imperative to ensuring maximum satisfaction from our CMMS. If our users are not trained properly, the system is not going to work for them properly.

To request further information about training, or to schedule a training session, contact our Customer Experience Team by sending an e-mail to

The future is in your history

Our friends over at CE Maintenance Solutions have an incredible newsletter that we hope all of you subscribe to. In the September issue, Mike makes a case for the importance of complete Asset History. The article explains “…the key to knowing the future is to know and understand your history.”

How true!

You can read the entire newsletter here.

Maintenance Connection not only allows the administrators and managers access to the asset history, but also mobile users. Having this information immediately available can be critical. Oftentimes, the most important time to have access to the history of an asset is when you are standing in front of it.

If you would like more information about accessing Asset History from the core application or the mobile application, feel free to visit our website and contact us.

What people are saying about Maintenance Connection

Last week we shared two of the interviews we recently filmed where we asked our customers what they thought of our products and services. There are so many of these, but we wanted to share two more with you. We are so thankful for the over 1,200 customers and hundreds of thousands of users that make Maintenance Connection who we are!


Courier Corporation

Maintenance Connection is a CMMS / EAM product that helps thousands of sites manage their Work Orders, Preventive Maintenance, Inventory and most MRO activities.

NFMT – Vegas October 2-3

If you happen to be attending this year’s NFMT show in Las Vegas, or live in the Vegas area, stop by and say hi. We will be showing off Maintenance Connection and hopefully meeting many future success stories. The show is at the Mirage Event Center and we will be at booth 406

Check out more details about the show: NFMT -VEGAS

Mobile CMMS: The Future Maintenance Team’s BFF

In a recent story originally written by Ashley Halligan, a market analyst at Software Advice–a software comparison company, she discussed the growing trend of mobile maintenance management–that is, CMMS entirely accessible via a mobile device. Perhaps catching onto the mobile accessibility trend, particularly by way of CMMS-specific applications, the article outlined the many efficiencies that stem from utilizing these state-of-the-art resources.

Maintenance professionals including management and technicians are quickly realizing the organization-wide benefits of investing in new technologies. With synchronized, live data available across all departments, technicians and managers can view work orders, provide signatures electronically when a job is complete, check inventory, issue parts to a job, or even scan an asset’s entire history via new QR applications. Boosting overall efficiency, these tools are incredibly resourceful in the maintenance field.

Read her original story here.