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Inside MC – Matt Sayler

Matt Sayler began working for Maintenance Connection in 2012. He plays a key role on the customer experience team as a Customer Coordinator. He primarily handles new customer onboarding and existing customer add-on service purchases. Matt also occasionally works with clients on advanced support scenarios and special projects. Matt enjoys his job as a customer coordinator because he likes being able to have daily interaction with customers and co-workers. In his time with the company he’s had the ability to provide a strong foundation for over 80 new clients.

Matt was born and raised in Minnesota and he and his wife Lauren currently reside in Minneapolis. The two enjoy pets and spend time volunteering at their local animal rescue working as adoption coordinators and even fostering dogs at home. The couple also has their own 5 year old lab/chow mix, Sampson, who they’re known to occasionally dress up, especially in warm hats and earmuffs. Matt is also an avid Minnesota sports fan, and a diehard fair-weather Vikings fan. He plays men’s league hockey and golf in his spare time. He also spends his free time reading, sketching, and bike riding on the many city paths in the neighborhood.
Matt enjoys the freezing winter climate of the Midwest maybe more than the average guy. In fact he enjoys what most would refer to as the ‘frozen tundra’ so much that he chose to leave to attend North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND one of the few college campuses that has a wintertime average temperature of 30 degrees below zero. This cold weather native has learned that the trick to surviving the winter is a nice thick beard. His seasonal beard has made him an easy target for his friends and family members to tease. Before the phrase “fear the beard” was made popular recently by sports celebrities, his sister took it upon herself to create a trademark logo that was just right for his bearded persona. If we had to guess at the tagline for this logo, it could be called “fear the bearded sailor”. His other claims to fame about being from the “great” North include snow shoveling or walking Sampson in in the middle of winter sporting only gym shorts and a sweatshirt. Brrrr!

NFMT Vegas Is Almost Here

It’s almost time for NFMT Las Vegas, coming up October 7th – 8th. Be sure to stop by the Maintenance Connection booth, #607 in the expo hall to say hello and learn what’s new and get your ticket to our Customer Appreciation Happy Hour that you won’t want to miss.


If you haven’t signed up yet for NFMT Baltimore, there is still time and registration is free when you use the Maintenance Connection priority registration code. Simply register by clicking here.

We hope to see you in Vegas!

Enter the “MC In Action” Contest


If you’re not a fan of Maintenance Connection on Facebook, what are you waiting for? We’re running a great contest this month that you won’t want to miss.

For full contest entry rules, click here.



How Much Could You Save by Using a Mobile CMMS?

If you haven’t upgraded to a mobile CMMS yet, what are you waiting for?

These days mobile technology is more stable and cost effective than ever before. Organizations that had been reluctant to equip their maintenance technicians with mobile devices are now moving forward and deploying them due to their low cost and ease of use in the field.

The reasons to use a mobile CMMS tool outweigh the small upfront costs of purchasing the technology needed to use one.

The benefits of a CMMS tool as outlined in a recent article by FMandBeyond are as follows:

Paperless work order management: Managing work orders either on or off-site saves significant amounts of times, allowing data entry that’s immediately synchronized into the CMMS organization-wide. This also alleviates the need to handwrite notes that can be miscommunicated, and also take time to reenter at a later time onsite.
Inventory management: Having synchronized inventory management is another efficient tool in the field–allowing immediate access to available assets, as well as equipment that may be issued to other jobs or locations. At the touch of a finger, a maintenance technician can see if an asset is available and immediately disperse it to the needed location.
Asset management and QR codes: Having an asset’s entire maintenance history available instantly helps with assigning jobs, or assessing potential issues. Quick Response or QR codes provide a tool to scan an asset’s code, bringing up its entire history–including preventive maintenance, malfunctions, reactive maintenance, etc.

In a recent article by Facility Maintenance Decisions one organization calculated the cost savings of going mobilesavingswith a mobile CMMS to equal as much as $125,000/year due the their minimized paperwork processing and lessened travel related costs. How much could your organization save? Contact our sales team today about Maintenance Connection’s mobile CMMS tool,  MC Express.

MC Best Practices and Tips: Cost Rules

Previously we’ve discussed the basics about cost rules and provided instructions to set up cost rules to ensure material costs are calculating as intended when managing parts. In this post, we’ll dig beyond the basics and show you the most commonly used cost rules organizations prefer to use to document costs using a consistent method. 


Most organizations prefer to document costs using a consistent method. The most common methods to use are Last Cost and Average Cost since these are dynamically populated as you receive parts on Purchase Orders. A definition of the most common used cost rules are below.



Average Cost – The average cost, calculated by Maintenance Connection based on the average of all completed Purchase Orders for this item

Last Cost – The cost recorded for this item on the last completed Purchase Order

Nightly scripts can be run to perform these cost rules. When set up properly, these will ensure the following actions are completed:

  • Updates the Inventory item details page and Stockroom Location to match your preferred costing method (Last Or Average)
  • Sets the Standard cost which first displays on WOs to match the costing method value to eliminate pre-save confusion
  • Ensures check box to “Apply to all Stock Rooms” is enabled for all Inventory Items
  • Enables all “Auto Update Procedures” fields on Inventory Items and aligns chosen costing method

Customers who would like to run scripts for these cost rules may click here and visit the MCUC to download and install them.