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Maintenance Connection Core Values

Exceed Expectations
We exceed expectations by serving our customers with excellence and integrity.

Superior Software Solutions
We create intuitive, user-friendly software that provides solutions to customer needs.

People Before Profit
We value mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and employees.

Work to Live
We encourage a healthy work-life balance for our employees and their families.

Give Back
We use our resources to make a positive impact on people around the world.

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What Makes Maintenance Connection Great

It is the unique culture of Maintenance Connection that makes our company great. This quarter’s focus is to reflect back on the mission and core values that are so important to our staff. We thought it would be interesting to share these with our customers to give others an inside look into who we are.

This is why we do what we do…

 To create and support world-class software solutions
which provide resources to make a positive impact
on people around the world.

…and this is how we do it.

 Exceed Expectations

Superior Software Solutions

People Before Profit

Work to Live

Give Back

Exceed Expectations...
We used to call it “service excellence”, but our company was founded on the mantra that there’s nothing more important than serving our customers with excellence and exceeding expectations. This continues to carry through in every aspect of how we treat our customers.

Superior Software Solutions…
When we launched MC in 2003, we were one of the first browser-based CMMS options. We spent over 12 months working to create the perfect, most intuitive user interface possible – and having superior yet simple software continues to be one of the drivers for our company’s success.

People Before Profit / Work to Live…
We believe people matter, both employees and customers. We strive to make a positive impact on people we work with by treating each other with fairness and respect. This value is represented in the people we hire and the customers we choose to do business with. Balance has always been a key element to the culture of MC. We all work hard to exceed expectations for our customers, but we do that in order to enjoy quality time with our families. We believe having a balanced work life is fundamental to creating an environment for our people to thrive.

Give Back…
Giving back is a component of our core values that was added in 2011 and is becoming more central to who we are as a company. With our 1/1/1 and MC Gives Back efforts, every employee is encouraged to embrace this both personally and professionally. Giving is always better than receiving, and we hope to instill this value through all of our efforts at MC.

MC v6.0 Upgrade (Local Installations)
We are very close to providing the newest release to onsite customers.   Please visit the MC User Connect for published updates on the status and be assured that all “Primary” contacts will be notified by email the moment MC v6.0 is available for download.