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Version 4.2 Features – Week 2 of 3

Smart Share Application

In this second post in the series highlighting the new features included in the 4.2 Release, we will discuss the Smart Share Feature that allows your organization to share reports, procedures and KPIs with other members of the MC Community. This feature allows customers who have implemented creative ideas to share their solutions with the broader community. You can also extend your system’s capabilities by implementing a shared item that has benefited another organization. It is important to note that only the “parameters” of reports, procedures and KPIs are shared with the community; no confidential organizational data is ever shared.

Note: The permissions for the Smart Share Application were disabled (turned “off”) during upgrade to Release 4.2 so that each organization can decide which access groups should be able to use this feature. In order to use the Smart Share Application you need to modify the rights/permissions of the access groups that you wish to have access.

To access the Maintenance Connection Smart Share Feature, open the Applications Menu and select Smart Share

The Maintenance Connection Smart Share Application will open, displaying Reports that have been shared by the community.

You can use the categories listed on the left to search for particular types of reports, procedures or KPIs. Items that have already been installed on your system will be marked with a green check. To install an available shared item, select it and click the “View” Button at the bottom of the Smart Share Window. A dialog will open providing complete information about the item (report in this example).

To install the report on your system, click the “Install Report” Button.

The dialog will close and you will return to the Smart Share Application. You can then access the Reporter to view and run this newly installed report. Since all “customer specific” data (such as Repair Center = “NY”) is removed before reports are shared, you may need to customize the report criteria before running the new report.

If you wish to share a helpful report with the MC Community, locate it in the Report List, right click on it, and select “Share Report.” You will be prompted to enter descriptive information before it is shared. Similarly, to share a procedure, you can right click on the procedure name in the Procedure Explorer and select “Share Procedure.” For KPIs, you can click the “Share” Link just below the KPI.

For more information on the Smart Share Feature, be sure to check the MC Community Chapter of the Online User Guide.

Coming Posting…

Next week, in our third blog in the series on new 4.2 features, we will discuss the new configurable Complete/Close Dialog.