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Feature Spotlight on 4.0 – Week 2 of 3

For week two of our 3-week series on the upcoming 4.0 version, we will highlight several of the key enhancments to existing modules within Maintenance Connection:

Work Order Rapid Entry Tool

The Work Order Rapid Entry Tool now allows entry of Meter Readings, Requested Date and User Defined Fields. Rapid Entry Preferences can be defined to determine whether or not these fields should display.

Asset Module > History Tab > Work Orders Sub-tab


The Work Orders (History) Sub-Tab now includes a “Group by Status” indicator, allowing work orders to be grouped    by current status. Actual hours are also now displayed on this page.







Document Attachments

Customers with an onsite installation of Maintenance Connection will have access to a new tool that allows for quick uploading of files directly to a record, such as a work order. Files, such as documents or PDFs, can be uploaded directly; they no longer need to be placed in the Documents Module prior to attaching to a record. This new feature is available for work orders, assets, purchase orders, inventory items, labor records, procedures and company records.






Miscellaneous Enhancements

The following additional enhancements are included in Maintenance Connection Release 4.0:

  • Purchase Orders: Security has been enhanced to ensure that users without proper access cannot delete a Purchase Order.
  • Work Orders:  Tasks Page has been enhanced to allow special characters to be entered in the “Final Reading” field.
  • Inventory: A new field has been added to the Details Page to enter a website address, such as a vendor page or ordering website.
  • Labor Timesheet Entry: A new preference to specify the start of the workweek has been added, along with filter criteria for workweek that will correspond to this preference.