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Spotlight on Reports: Week 1 of 3

Many Maintenance Connection customers have been able to leverage the Reporter to extract and analyze data as this is one of the more powerful aspects of the Maintenance Connection system. For the next couple weeks, we will highlight a few key features of the Reporter application.

Next User Training Event
Before digging into this week’s topic on field editing, make a note on your calendar about our next training seminar. The next user event will take place in Las Vegas this October. More details to follow shortly.

Editing Report Fields
One of the simple features of the Reporter is the ability to customize which fields display as columns in a report. Using the SETUP button in the toolbar at the top of a report, you can access the Report Setup screen. You will notice a column on the right with fields currently on the report, and available fields to the left to add.

By selecting a field and using theand buttons you can easily add/remove move columns from a report. Using the and buttons to the right of the Display box, you can move the columns up/down which corresponds to their position when the report generates.

Tip: Most users will take an existing System Report, copy it, then make the changes. This allows you to preserve the canned report formats. You can find the Copy Report button on the main Reporter screen.

One final tip on editing the fields on reports: once you’ve run the report, you can also reorder the columns by simply dragging and dropping a the column header to the desired location on the report. Saving is automatic so the change will remain intact next time you run the report.