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Work Order Tips: Week 3 of 3

Work Order Icons / Key Fields

Last week, we covered the most efficient way to close a work order and this week we will be defining the explorer icons and most commonly used fields.   The most important aspect of a work order management system is that it is easy to use and provides valuable reports to help your company save money.  Two simple ways to accomplish these goals are a) to clearly understand the system icons and b) streamline the work order process by focusing on key fields during creation/closure.

Work Order Icons

There are several standard icons within the explorer that help users identify the status of work orders and which ones require immediate action.  The below screenshot includes the most common icons used in our application in addition to icon definitions.


First Column

1) Orange Clipboard = Preventive Maintenance Work Order (based upon a PM Schedule previously configured)

2) White Clipboard = Unscheduled Work Order / Service Request / Corrective Maintenance

3) Brown Hammer = Issued status

4) White Clock = On-hold status

5) Yellow Telephone / Bold Text = Requested status

5th Column

1) White Clipboard with Heads = Assigned

By glancing at the above screenshot, a user can identify quickly that two work orders need to be assigned based on them not showing the white clipboard with heads and that one work order has not been reviewed at all because it is still bold with the telephone icon.  They can also decipher that two of the orange clipboard work orders are PMs and are targeted out beyond the rest for completion … meaning they can focus on the unscheduled work orders first. 

For additional information regarding the WO icons, please refer to the following section of our User Guide :  http://www.edemo.us/icons.pdf.   The full User Guide is available as searchable HTML or a PDF document within the Maintenance Connection application.

Work Order Key Fields

Our application was designed flexible to accommodate for variety in customer’s business process.   It is important to define which fields users will be encouraged and required to populate while hiding others that provide less value to the long term reporting.  The most common work order fields that customers populate and report against are as follows:

1) Request InfoFields-1

2) Problem

3) Asset

4) Type

5) PriorityFields-2

In order to help customers streamline their work flow, our system includes an administrative feature called the Forms Manager that is located under the Tools menu.  This Tool allows a user to define which fields should be hidden, required, or renamed.  See below for a screenshot example: