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New User Portal Gives MC Clients an Even Faster Way to Connect

We’re now offering our clients a better way to interact with one another and with our support experts all in one place. The newly redesigned MC User Connect site is now available to all customers to bring them a faster and more efficient way to stay connected.

Customer (John): I logged into MCUC this morning and saw that the site has a new look.  Can you tell me more about it?

MC Solution Engineer (Adam): MCUC was updated to save you time by providing a faster way to connect with support, search for solutions, and connect with fellow users in a simpler way. You can now submit tickets online that go directly to us, record screencasts to show us how and where you may be having trouble, and make product suggestions that other users can vote on to help us prioritize desired functionality for future upgrades.

John: Wow, that’s going to make my job easier when I need to get in touch with you. Can I still get access to MC documentation and event updates on the site?

Adam:  Of course. As always, the MCUC community will continue to be your source for customer news and updates, user forums, product documentation, and eLearning opportunities.

John: Sounds like you’ve thought of it all. I’m looking forward to using the new site. Thanks!

Get a preview of what’s new in MCUC by watching a short video. For a limited time, users who log into the new system will also be rewarded with a $5 Starbucks card*!


* $5 Starbucks cards are limited to the first 25 users who log into the new MCUC site.


MC User Connect – Roadmap

At MC User Connect, we continue to analyze, strategize and innovate on your behalf to bring you unmatched world class services that are second to none.  It’s about time for us open the door a little and reveal our road-map:


Product Suggestions

Recommended by top analysts and consultants is the ability for users to contribute their feedback to help prioritize development.  For years, Maintenance Connection has had a Product Suggestion list to record your feedback.  Until now, user access to the list was purely through MC support staff.  Our Product Suggestion Transparency Act will put users in direct contact with the list including the ability to comment and vote on items within the list. Let your voice be heard!

Ticket submission w/ integrated article recommendations

We are building a new way to create a support ticket directly from within MC User Connect.  No need to bounce around from site to site.  No need to pick up a phone.  Additionally, this upcoming feature will automatically search through the articles, videos, documentation, and forum for relevant solutions based on the information you enter while creating your ticket.

Ticket status

Want to know that status of your support ticket?  Has your advanced request been escalated to a specialized team?  The upcoming feature will allow you to see your status with a simple click of the mouse.

Account detail access

Are you interested in when your annual support contract needs to be renewed?  Or, how many service days do I still have in balance?  We are working on a solution that will provide users and administrators with information regarding their Maintenance Connection account.

As we are working on these enhancements, one of our top priorities is to consider how we can take advantage of all the elements our partner Zendesk has to offer.  We are evaluating the expansion potential of the current platform on which MC User Connect is deployed.  A change may be necessary, but we are committed to as little downtime as possible, and we will provide plenty of notice.

The wealth of information in MC User Connect and a tight integration to Zendesk will provide you with the best support experience you will find anywhere, ever.


MC User Connect – Happy Birthday!

As we approach the one year anniversary of the launch of MC User Connect at last year’s Checkpoint conference, we are celebrating with a collection of improved capabilities.

Improved Index and Search

We are in the process of re-indexing our current content titles and keywords to streamline visual navigation as well as enhance search accuracy.  As the amount of content, videos, articles, and documentation continues to grow, presenting “just the right” piece of information to you becomes more of a challenge. Re-indexing will bring the right information to your fingertips faster and with less effort.


New Notification System

Have you ever felt out of the loop on relevant day-to-day Maintenance Connection news?  Well, next in line with our enhancements is a new notification system to keep you up-to-date with MC User Connect activity and important inside news.  We currently have an option for users to be notified of activity in the User Forum, but our current system doesn’t reach to other areas of MCUC, such as the Library or Announcements.  Our new system will bring attention to items of interest on the site in a simple and easy to read summary.


Zendesk Integration

Our Solution Engineer team is second to none and continues to implement its own innovations and improvements. As you may recall, we introduced the revolutionary Zendesk software in October to better manage tickets and routing.  We now have an integration between Zendesk and MCUC on our radar that will hopefully provide you with the ability to submit tickets directly within MC User Connect.  We are hoping to also give you the ability to review your history and queue and have begun to evaluate the options in hopes of putting something in place this year.

We look forward to providing you with updates regarding these enhancements in the coming months.

MC User Connect – 2 of 2 – The Library

MC User Connect provides extensive resources for customers inquiring about a specific issue, or those looking to expand their general knowledge of the system. We recently performed some “housekeeping” to optimize navigation and ensure that the 150+ resources that are available are more easily accessible.

All available articles, documents, guides and release notes are now available from the Library tab:

Selecting the Library tab brings forward a topical menu, with the most requested topics at the top to provide quick access with a single click:

Once a topic is selected, all content is displayed, eliminating the previous menus that required additional mouse clicks. The content is separated into Troubleshooting and Tutorial sections, as shown in this example for Staff Membership, Access and Login. Troubleshooting documentation helps you find solutions to problems you might encounter. Whereas, the Tutorials provide more general information, tips, and tricks on how to use the valuable feature sets available in Maintenance Connection.

To ensure you know the type of content that is available inside these links, we have introduced icons to indicate if the content is presented as a downloadable PDF, video, web article, or other type of file best suited to the content. In some cases, such as “Creating and Approving New Members”, multiple options will be available:

In a constant effort to improve the MC User Connect experience, we have identified a number of enhancements that will be introduced throughout the year. If you haven’t been by in a while, or haven’t signed up yet, take a minute to visit and let us know of any changes that you would find beneficial.

MC User Connect – 1 of 2 – The Forum

Now that MC User Connect has become well established as our source for customer information and interaction, it seems like a good time to highlight the valuable services available.  We currently have over 1200 users signed up for MC User Connect with 150+ articles and more than 200 documents, videos, and commentaries. On average, we have 400 unique visits per week and during those visits we have racked up 11,000 forum views and nearly 800 user submitted posts. If you haven’t signed up yet, now is the time to take the plunge!

The User Forum
The User Forum, which allows users to directly interact with one another, is an especially valuable feature of MC User Connect! Customers who use the feature find it to be a very supportive way to share information with other users, as well as dialog about the best ways to take advantage of the system’s extensive capabilities. MC Staff also monitor the forum, responding to questions in which they can be of assistance.

Here are a few recent topics from the Forum that received a high number of views:

With 220 topics currently listed, the MC User Connect Forum contains a wealth of knowledge from real-world customer experiences. If you have a question that you would like to pose to the MC User Connect Community, this is the place to do it!

To view the forum, log into MC User Connect, and select User Forum:

Next Week…

Stay tuned for next week’s second post in this series in which we will highlight valuable new content resources available in MC User Connect.