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Free stuff for MC customers

Everyone enjoys free stuff, and Maintenance Connection is ready to offer you a free $5 gift card. What’s the catch, you ask? Well, we know that each of you know others who would also benefit from implementing a CMMS program like Maintenance Connection. We’re looking for your help in spreading the word about Maintenance Connection by providing us with THREE contacts we can get in touch with about the software. As a thank you, we’ll send you a $5 gift card of your choice. Which gift card would you like?

$5 Starbucks

$5 Lowe’s

$5 The Home
Depot Card

$5 Jamba
Juice Card

$5 Barnes &
Noble Card

Fill out Customer Referral Form
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Thanks in advance to those who choose to participate in this.


MCRV Tour Update Week 5 of 13: Driving to New Orleans and taking a short break until we begin again next week. Check out some of these videos and pictures from the tour so far:


Taking the MCRV in a drive-thru 

Engine exposed while driving 

[More videos on YouTube]


Brian and Drew enjoying the weather outside the MCRV 

What’s that yellow paper in Cary’s hand?
Looks like a “warning” ticket from a nice police officer in New Mexico
(who also obliged to take a photo with us)

A little engine trouble gave the MCRV the experience
of being towed and is now M.I.A until further notice.


MCRV Tour Hits the Road

If you have not already heard, we’re coming to a location near you for our next training seminars on our 2010 MCRV Tour. Brian Kincaid and Drew Hayes kicked off the event this week with a SOLD OUT training event in Seattle. Next stop is Sacramento, then on to the rest of the U.S. Although the first few stops are nearly full, there is still room for you at some of the upcoming training stops. Visit www.mcrvtour.com to download and complete the sign-up form.

Be sure to check back regularly for the Hilarious YouTube Video Blog that we’ll be updating several times per week highlighting the life on a RV. And if you have not yet signed up, check out the MCRV Tour Training Locations, Training Details Page, or Download Sign-up Form.

Here are a couple recent pictures from this week:

Seattle training stop

Stopped by a local Seattle hospital on Tuesday

MC Customers training in Seattle

The Office on the MCRV Tour

Thanks to Lucky Eagle for a great lunch on the way to Portland!

Welcome to a New Year!

The end of a decade is behind us, and the start of a new year is in full swing. It’s always refreshing to have a clean slate on which to set goals, make improvements, and clean house.  As a result, it is time to reflect on what is working well, what is not, and create plans to continuously improve.

We feel blessed in this economy that 2009 was another solid growth year for Maintenance Connection.  We welcomed many new customers throughout the year who are already seeing benefits from their implementation efforts.  Many of our existing customers continue to invest in managing their infrastructure using our CMMS program, and positive results are clear. To highlight some of these success stories, we have created the MC Profiles of Success portal. Thanks again to the customers who helped by telling their stories and we look forward to hearing about more positive results in 2010. 

Some of the new companies that signed up in 2009 include Bellevue Hospital, City of Brentwood, DirecTV, U-Store-It, Ascension Health, Dallas Morning News, GE Energy Services, LSU Health Sciences Center, UCSF Medical Center, Emory Healthcare, Monsanto Company, Peet’s Coffee & Tea, and many more.

It’s time to get excited about the things to come in 2010. Expect some great new features as our development team works hard to release version 4.5 later this year. We are taking a fresh approach to providing a training seminar this year by coming to a location near you. Be sure to sign up today for your stop along the MCRV Tour. We will hit the road in March, holding one-day classroom training sessions in 22 cities through May. Check out http://www.mcrvtour.com
for more info.

Looking forward, we are expecting another year of growth and continued support of our growing list of customers. At Maintenance Connection, our strategy this year is to “raise the bar”. We’re re-evaluating every aspect of our business and seeking opportunities that we can provide a higher level of service excellence to our customers and employees.

We would likewise challenge each of you to consider what you are going to do this year to raise the bar on using Maintenance Connection. Implement parts management? Clean up equipment data? Reduce WOs by building one PM WO linked to multiple assets?  Our services team loves a good challenge and thrives on seeing results from our customers. Give us a call to discuss how we can help. 

Happy New Year and we look forward to serving you in the coming months!