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Customizing Module Menu and Tabs

Customers often inquire about options to customize the MC Experience for their staff. This post will summarize some customization features that are available.

Module Menu

The Module Menu that is displayed when selecting the “Open Icon” from the toolbar (or selecting File->Open from the Menu Bar) can be customized to hide modules that are not being used. The Custom Menu can then be assigned to an Access Group so that members of that group have a more “filtered” view of available modules. For example, the following menu was made for a group of technicians, displaying only the modules accessed by those members:


Contact Customer Support if you are interested in creating custom menus for your organization. If you are comfortable with the conventions of Image Editing Software and HTML Code, a “Customizing the Module Menu” guide is available that provides instructions for customizing the menus yourself. Otherwise, services are available from support to assist in this regard.


Tab Manager

The Tab Manager, available from the Tools Menu (System Management->Tab Manager), allows you to customize the tabs that are available in each module. This feature is typically used to hide tabs that are not used by your organization, but can also be used to change the order of displayed tabs.

In the following example, the Tab Manager was used to disable the Group Tab in the Work Order Module:


This would result in the following tab display:


Customization Help

Refer to the System Administration Chapter of the User Guide for more information on the Customization Tools available: