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Reporter Tutorials – 2 of 2

In this second blog post on the new Reporter Tutorials available in MC User Connect, we will highlight the Advanced and Pivot Report tutorials.

The Advanced tutorial highlights features available to those with a higher level of comfort with the MC Reporter:

A highlight from this tutorial includes the lesson on Custom Expressions explaining how to use a custom expression to perform a calculation, such as the number of days that a work order has been open. This lesson also includes a reference table of commonly used custom expressions:

The lesson on Custom Group Headers also provides a helpful tip regarding how to group report data by date aggregations, such as month or year:

The Pivot Report tutorial provides instructions on creating a special kind of summary report that allows for the aggregation of data along two dimensions, such as type and priority:

Pivot reports can also be used to present time periods in logical date aggregations (monthly, quarterly, etc.). The tutorial will teach you how to create a report such as the following, calculating actual labor hours worked in each month for work orders of a given priority:

The skills presented in the Reporter Tutorials will provide you with the expertise to extend the reporting capabilities of MC v6.0 at your organization. The Maintenance Connection Support Team looks forward to assisting you as you expand your skills with the Reporter!


Reporter Tutorials – 1 of 2

MC Reporter inquiries comprise the highest volume of inquiries received by our Support Team. To ensure our customers have the knowledge they need to use this powerful tool to its fullest, we have published a new set of Reporter Tutorials in MC User Connect. There are four tutorials available that will provide assistance to those new to using the Reporter, as well as those with more advanced knowledge and experience.

To access the new tutorials, go to MC User Connect, open the Library tab and select Reporter and Dashboard:

Scroll down to the Tutorials section, and the four available tutorials will be displayed:

Each tutorial is comprised of a series of lessons that can be followed sequentially. You can also use the available Table of Contents to jump directly to a specific topic. In this blog post, we will summarize the first two tutorials, Basic and Intermediate. In next week’s blog post, we will delve into the Advanced and Pivot Report tutorials.

The Basic tutorial provides step by step instructions for using the most common features available in the MC Reporter, building skills as the lessons progress. This tutorial is designed for those new to the MC Reporter, such as a staff member who has recently joined your department. The Basic tutorial provides a general overview of the MC Reporter, and then includes specific lessons as shown below:


The Intermediate tutorial highlights features used by customers who have mastered the basics of the MC Reporter. Have you ever wondered how to change the options that display in the Report Criteria dialog, or wished you could set up a report so that criteria can be changed on the fly from the Report Preview window? These skills and others are covered in the Intermediate tutorial:

Stay tuned next week for highlights from the Advanced and Pivot Report tutorials.