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Free stuff for MC customers

Everyone enjoys free stuff, and Maintenance Connection is ready to offer you a free $5 gift card. What’s the catch, you ask? Well, we know that each of you know others who would also benefit from implementing a CMMS program like Maintenance Connection. We’re looking for your help in spreading the word about Maintenance Connection by providing us with THREE contacts we can get in touch with about the software. As a thank you, we’ll send you a $5 gift card of your choice. Which gift card would you like?

$5 Starbucks

$5 Lowe’s

$5 The Home
Depot Card

$5 Jamba
Juice Card

$5 Barnes &
Noble Card

Fill out Customer Referral Form
for a FREE gift card

Thanks in advance to those who choose to participate in this.


MCRV Tour Update Week 5 of 13: Driving to New Orleans and taking a short break until we begin again next week. Check out some of these videos and pictures from the tour so far:


Taking the MCRV in a drive-thru 

Engine exposed while driving 

[More videos on YouTube]


Brian and Drew enjoying the weather outside the MCRV 

What’s that yellow paper in Cary’s hand?
Looks like a “warning” ticket from a nice police officer in New Mexico
(who also obliged to take a photo with us)

A little engine trouble gave the MCRV the experience
of being towed and is now M.I.A until further notice.

Special Offer for MC Customers

2009 Training Conference in St Louis a Success!

It was great seeing so many of you last week in St Louis during our 2009 Mid-Western Regional Training Seminar. It was a successful week of learning, networking and lots of fun taking our CMMS skills to the next level. Stay tuned for our next training event coming up this October in Las Vegas! Here are a couple pics from last week’s event:

Special Offer for Maintenance Connection Customers

You already know Maintenance Connection provides your company with complete data security for all your critical assets through its ASP service.  Now you can protect all the rest of your personal and business data from loss with ioSafe’s water and fireproof data storage device.  ioSafe designs and manufactures disaster proof hardware to protect digital assets. Using its patent pending technologies, ioSafe offers a new breed of data storage. Like an aircraft black box, the ioSafe system provides complete protection for your personal and business data.  ioSafe is offering all Maintenance Connection customers an free extended data recovery and product warranty.  There is no other hard drive manufacturer that can offer this level of protection for your data.  Check out https://iosafe.com/maintenance-connection-promo-1 for more information on how to protect your precious data.

Thanks from your friends at Maintenance Connection.