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MC User Connect – Roadmap

At MC User Connect, we continue to analyze, strategize and innovate on your behalf to bring you unmatched world class services that are second to none.  It’s about time for us open the door a little and reveal our road-map:


Product Suggestions

Recommended by top analysts and consultants is the ability for users to contribute their feedback to help prioritize development.  For years, Maintenance Connection has had a Product Suggestion list to record your feedback.  Until now, user access to the list was purely through MC support staff.  Our Product Suggestion Transparency Act will put users in direct contact with the list including the ability to comment and vote on items within the list. Let your voice be heard!

Ticket submission w/ integrated article recommendations

We are building a new way to create a support ticket directly from within MC User Connect.  No need to bounce around from site to site.  No need to pick up a phone.  Additionally, this upcoming feature will automatically search through the articles, videos, documentation, and forum for relevant solutions based on the information you enter while creating your ticket.

Ticket status

Want to know that status of your support ticket?  Has your advanced request been escalated to a specialized team?  The upcoming feature will allow you to see your status with a simple click of the mouse.

Account detail access

Are you interested in when your annual support contract needs to be renewed?  Or, how many service days do I still have in balance?  We are working on a solution that will provide users and administrators with information regarding their Maintenance Connection account.

As we are working on these enhancements, one of our top priorities is to consider how we can take advantage of all the elements our partner Zendesk has to offer.  We are evaluating the expansion potential of the current platform on which MC User Connect is deployed.  A change may be necessary, but we are committed to as little downtime as possible, and we will provide plenty of notice.

The wealth of information in MC User Connect and a tight integration to Zendesk will provide you with the best support experience you will find anywhere, ever.



Help Us Help You – Submitting a Support Ticket

In this second post in our Help Us Help You series, we would like to provide a refresher on “best practices” for submitting a support ticket to our Solution Engineers. In order to best assist you, we often need to gain a better understanding of the problem encountered.

When reporting issues or requesting assistance, it is ideal to have the following information prepared:

  • A list of the specific steps that can be taken to reproduce the problem (or a detailed description of the situation you are trying to resolve).
  • Screenshots, where applicable, highlighting any errors received or problems encountered.

A number of tools are available to obtain screenshots. In addition to third party software, your computer should have screen capture functionality available. To capture a full screen in Microsoft Windows, you can simply press the Prt Scn option on your keyboard (press Alt + Prt Scn to just capture the active window). The screen capture will automatically be placed in your clipboard so that it can be pasted (Ctrl-V) into an email or document.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 also include a utility called the “Snipping Tool” that allows you to take screenshots (called snips) of a free-form area, and annotate if desired. The tool can be found by opening the Windows->All Programs->Accessories Option from the Windows Start Menu.

Once the tool is open, you can click and drag to select a portion of the active screen for capture. The captured image will be displayed in the Snipping Tool Window where it can be annotated or simply copied/pasted into an email or document and sent to support@maintenanceconnection.com.

Let’s walk through an example of a customer wanting assistance with a login issue:

  • Problem: One of our technicians is getting this message when she tries to log into MC:

  • But when I look at her member record, she shows as “Approved”:

  • Please let me know what could be causing this…

In the above example, this information would allow the Solutions Engineer to determine that the user record has been locked in the Password Management Tool, and provide instructions for resetting the record:

It should be noted that if you have difficulty capturing screens or just prefer to demonstrate the issue you are encountering, you can always schedule a web conference with a Solutions Engineer.

New Tools Coming from Zendesk

In an effort to enhance your customer service experience, we will soon be piloting a new tool that will allow you to submit tickets directly through Zendesk. This tool will give you access to a Screencast Feature, allowing you to create a quick screen video to demonstrate the problem you are experiencing. In addition, you will have the ability to check the status on your tickets so that you are kept as informed as possible!

Help Us Help You – New Zendesk Tool

As noted in MC User Connect and a previous blog post, Maintenance Connection has implemented a new Ticket Management System to enhance our efficiency and ability to communicate effectively with customers. Zendesk, the chosen new system, includes numerous new automated processes and provides a more consolidated support tool, regardless of the source of the incident (phone, chat or email). Now that Zendesk is up and running, we would like to share some information as to how this change might affect you.


Email Confirmations
The most apparent change for customers will be the email exchange on a support request. When a customer opens a support request (through chat, phone or email), a confirming email will be sent from the MC Solution Center, indicating that a ticket has been opened.  If the request was submitted through email, the message will indicate that we will endeavor to respond within 15 minutes.

When a Solution Engineer responds to an open request, an email from the MC Solution Center will be sent indicating that the request has been updated, providing a solution or requesting additional clarification. In the following example, Adam O’Brien is responding to a request from a customer asking if there is a “way to reorder field columns when you are looking at a report, without having to go back to setup?”

In this example, Adam uses a new tool available within Zendesk to provide a quick video/screencast demonstrating how this can be done in the MC Reporter. Click here to view the video Adam created for this ticket to get a feel for the value of this kind of support tool.

Anytime you require more information or wish to further communicate with the Support Team, you simply reply to the email and type your new information at the top. This will ensure that the email dialog on the issue is consolidated in Zendesk for easy access and reference.

Resolved Issue Confirmation

When an issue is resolved through chat, email, or phone, the MC Solution Center will send out a confirming email indicating that the ticket was resolved. You can reply to the email within seven days to have the issue “re-opened” and ensure the Solution Engineer with whom you worked is made aware that you have a continuing issue.

Better Analytics for MC

This new tool also provides Maintenance Connection with excellent analytics to help us manage the support process and ensure we are serving our customers well. For example, the following chart indicates the resolution time on the previous week’s support incidents:

While this chart shows the percentage of tickets that we were able to resolve in less than two hours:

Next Week…

Stay tuned next week for a blog highlighting how you can best prepare your request to the MC Support Team to ensure the quickest and best resolution!

Maintenance Connection Customer Coordinators

At Maintenance Connection, we often review our customer management process to ensure it best serves the needs of our growing customer base. We determined that new customers would benefit from greater assistance transitioning between sales and implementation. To this end, we created a Customer Coordinator role, managing the Pre-Implementation Process, to ensure that customers have the proper building blocks for a successful implementation:

The Customer Coordinator is the first point of contact following the sale being finalized. During a “Welcome Conference” the customer is provided an overview of the implementation process, as well as a demonstration of the customer support tools available to them. More importantly, the Customer Coordinator uses this opportunity to learn more about the customer, gaining a better understanding of the size and complexity of the implementation effort. This information allows the Customer Coordinator to determine the Implementation Consultant who would best match the customer’s needs and anticipated timeline.

After this initial “Welcome Conference,” the customer transitions to the assigned Implementation Consultant, with whom the remaining implementation is managed. As the above diagram illustrates, once the implementation is complete, the customer transitions to the Post-Implementation Phase, working with the general support team (Solution Engineers) when questions or needs arise. Although the Customer Coordinator Role is most active during the Pre-Implementation Phase, their skills are also used to manage Post Implementation training requests, again ensuring the best match between a customer’s needs and an available training resource.

The MC Customer Coordinators are always looking for ways to improve the long term customer experience. As such, they are currently developing an audit process to more quickly analyze database configuration to determine potential areas for improvement. More importantly, they are working on designing a new customer support center with enhanced tools for customers to interact with our support team and gain access to guidance and technical information. Stay tuned for additional information on this valuable new service in the coming months.

Thanksgiving 2011

We have a lot to be thankful for at Maintenance Connection this year and past years.

Here are just a few things we are thankful for this year:

  1. An amazing staff who knows what it means to deliver world class service to our customers

  2. We love our customers and the great connections we make daily. It’s truly a partnership.

  3. Maintenance Connection is making the world a better place with our new MC Gives Back mission

  4. Super exciting version 6.0 preview that our staff was able to see recently

  5. Thankful for great experiences in 2011

And looking ahead, we are anticipating one of our best years in 2012 as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of launching Maintenance Connection. As we enter the 2011 holiday season, we hope you enjoy great time with family and friends while you focus on things that matter.

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