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5 Basic Navigation Tips

Maintenance Connection was designed with the end user in mind and includes many convenient ways to navigate the interface and quickly locate important information.   The below top five list has been compiled from our regional training seminars:

5) Shortcut to applications
When logged in to the Maintenance, Repair, & Operations Workcenter (MRO), there is a shortcut in the Menu bar (adjacent to the Help) that allows you to link directly to the Service Requester, Technician Workcenter (TWC), and Reporter applications.   This toggle is extremely helpful when testing the functionality on behalf of another user that may be experiencing difficulties.

4) Tab isolation, Column Sorting

Tab isolation allows the user to select a specific tab within a module and then navigate to new records without the tabs always refreshing to the “Details”.  For example, click on the Costs tab of a work order (WO) and then click another WO in the explorer.   The costs tab remains constant while the WO selected changes.  Column sorting is most commonly used when in the Expanded Explorer view.  For example, log in to the WO module, click the Explore button on the Action bar (between the Open and Reports in the MRO), then click the Asset/Location column to group these accordingly.

3) Use “%” when searching

Every module in Maintenance Connection (MC) contains a Search tab to more quickly locate specific records.  By default, the search matches the entered text on the selected field beginning with the first letter.  For example, searching the WO Reason field for “Leak” will only look for “Leak” when it is the first word of that field.  By adding the percent, “%leak”, this will now search for the word leak throughout the entire contents of the Reason.

2)  Right Click to “Open in New Window”

This feature allows a user to drill down into the populated fields of a selected record without replacing the screen they are currently using .  The window literally opens up on top of the existing window for easy closure and return to previous screen.   For example, a user could open the “Account” linked to a WO to check the budget amount allocated to that specific Account.

1) Auto Login Shortcut

Many of our customers have purchased some form of AD/LDAP integration that allows them to take advanatage of a single sign-on and speeds up their ability to login to MC.  For those customers that have not purchased one of these add-ons, you may still configure a URL manually that allows you to login more quickly.   For online customers:  use the below URL and replace the “putusernamehere” and “putpasswordhere” sections with the applicable information for a more direct login.  For onsite customers:  you will also need to adjust the www.maintenanceconnection.com/mcv18/online to be your local server name.