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New User Portal Gives MC Clients an Even Faster Way to Connect

We’re now offering our clients a better way to interact with one another and with our support experts all in one place. The newly redesigned MC User Connect site is now available to all customers to bring them a faster and more efficient way to stay connected.

Customer (John): I logged into MCUC this morning and saw that the site has a new look.  Can you tell me more about it?

MC Solution Engineer (Adam): MCUC was updated to save you time by providing a faster way to connect with support, search for solutions, and connect with fellow users in a simpler way. You can now submit tickets online that go directly to us, record screencasts to show us how and where you may be having trouble, and make product suggestions that other users can vote on to help us prioritize desired functionality for future upgrades.

John: Wow, that’s going to make my job easier when I need to get in touch with you. Can I still get access to MC documentation and event updates on the site?

Adam:  Of course. As always, the MCUC community will continue to be your source for customer news and updates, user forums, product documentation, and eLearning opportunities.

John: Sounds like you’ve thought of it all. I’m looking forward to using the new site. Thanks!

Get a preview of what’s new in MCUC by watching a short video. For a limited time, users who log into the new system will also be rewarded with a $5 Starbucks card*!


* $5 Starbucks cards are limited to the first 25 users who log into the new MCUC site.

MC User Connect – 1 of 2 – The Forum

Now that MC User Connect has become well established as our source for customer information and interaction, it seems like a good time to highlight the valuable services available.  We currently have over 1200 users signed up for MC User Connect with 150+ articles and more than 200 documents, videos, and commentaries. On average, we have 400 unique visits per week and during those visits we have racked up 11,000 forum views and nearly 800 user submitted posts. If you haven’t signed up yet, now is the time to take the plunge!

The User Forum
The User Forum, which allows users to directly interact with one another, is an especially valuable feature of MC User Connect! Customers who use the feature find it to be a very supportive way to share information with other users, as well as dialog about the best ways to take advantage of the system’s extensive capabilities. MC Staff also monitor the forum, responding to questions in which they can be of assistance.

Here are a few recent topics from the Forum that received a high number of views:

With 220 topics currently listed, the MC User Connect Forum contains a wealth of knowledge from real-world customer experiences. If you have a question that you would like to pose to the MC User Connect Community, this is the place to do it!

To view the forum, log into MC User Connect, and select User Forum:

Next Week…

Stay tuned for next week’s second post in this series in which we will highlight valuable new content resources available in MC User Connect.

MC User Connect – 3 of 3 – User Forum

Maintenance Connection users from all over the world are signing up to take part in the largest collaborative effort in Maintenance Connection’s History.  The User Forum is the place to give and receive help, discuss new ideas, and connect with other users in your locale or industry.   Topics in the User Forum are organized into categories to make it easier to locate items of interest.

The categories are organized into four main areas:  Main Forum, Support Forum, Local User Groups, and Industry User Groups.   The Main Forum is a good place to say hello, discuss current topics (like the release of MC v6.0), or suggest enhancements to MC User Connect or Maintenance Connection.  The Support Forum is the best place to engage the depth of knowledge and experience of other Maintenance Connection users for help with problems, tips on how to use MC, or to take a stab at helping another user with a question they might have.

Sometimes, it is nice to get together with other users face-to-face.  The Local User Groups section is available for currently established LUGs, as well as, those who would like to start a new Local User Group to organize and communicate with each other.  We also understand that Maintenance Connection is used in a variety of industries and that each one has different methods to meet the unique demands of business.  We created Industry User Groups so that like-minded users can unite and collaborate to discover lasting solutions to common industry needs.

When you first access the User Forum, Recent Topics are displayed by default. To search for topics by Category, click the Index Tab.

To view a particular category, select it from the Board Categories Dropdown Control. In the following example, topics from the PM, Procedures and Projections Category are displayed:

Each individual topic displays information about the number of replies and views, as well as when it started.

Clicking on a topic name opens it, allowing you to view or reply. To add a reply to a topic, you can use either the Quick Reply or Reply Buttons displayed. “Quick Reply” is the fastest method to reply; just type your response and click Submit. “Reply” provides additional formatting options for your submission.

  If someone has submitted a post that was helpful to you, please click on the Thank You button to let them and the rest of the community know you appreciate their valuable contribution.

You can browse to different areas of the User Forum using the tabs at the top.   In order to post a new question or topic, click on the New Topic tab.  Be sure to fill out the title of your topic and correctly select the Category into which your topic will be inserted.  You may also want to head on over to the Profile tab to edit or add extra information about yourself and even upload a photo or avatar.

So what are you waiting for?   Be a part of the movement!   Sign up for MC User Connect, log in, and submit your question and/or provide an answer to another MC User just like you …

MC User Connect – Sign Up (1 of 3 )

Maintenance Connection is pleased to announce the launch of MC User Connect, a brand new resource for users who want to be in the know and take part in the ever growing Maintenance Connection Community. MC User Connect provides a single location where customers looking for assistance or information can find tutorials, documentation, or even post questions in the user forum. We have consolidated valuable resources into a single location to provide you with a one-stop solution to get news and updates, documents, tutorials, knowledgebase articles, and download files.

With a full service user forum, expandable topics based on user need, and a commitment to consistent and relevant new content, MC User Connect promises to be a hub of traffic. It is designed to be an ever-growing repository of knowledge available to MC Users all around the globe.

How do I sign up and access?

To access MC User Connect, simply direct your web browser to http://www.mcuserconnect.com.

To create a new account, click on the link to “REGISTER here“….

Once you complete the registration process and then log in, you will have access to over 100 information packed articles to enhance your utilization of Maintenance Connection. With the additional commitment to new content created by both MC Users and Staff, MC User Connect promises to significantly extend the support services available to our customers.

Note: This valuable new tool will replace the MC Community, which offers a more limited user forum. In the near-term future, users accessing MC Community will be automatically redirected to MC User Connect. There will also be an option available from the MC Version 6.0 Help Menu to provide access from within the application.

Next week, in our second post about MC User Connect, we will review navigation and how to find information you are seeking.