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Version 5.0 Release – Project Plans

We are quickly approaching the release of Version 5.0.  As soon as the release dates are finalized,  you will receive an announcement with the Release Notes and specifics about how to upgrade.

Over the next several weeks we will be posting blog topics that highlight the new features and enhancements. This first blog in the series will highlight Project Plans, a completely new module that will be available to all customers. In the upcoming blogs, we will provide a preview of enhancements to the Reporter, Work Order Module and Purchase Order Module, as well as a general overview of new capabilities.

Project Plan Module

The Project Plan Module is a powerful new feature that automates the generation and scheduling of a group of associated work orders defined for a common project, allowing you to define dependencies between the work orders if required. This module allows your organization to define a “project template” for recurring projects and simply “regenerate” the project plan whenever needed to create a new “project”.

As an example, cities often have a set of procedures that they follow each time a street is paved. (i.e., Survey Area, Dig Street, Inspect Pipes, CCTV, Pave Street, Inspect Pavement). Using the new module, the city could create a project plan that includes each of these procedures, which would have predefined estimated labor (crews, contractors) and parts. Using the dependency feature, they could specify that the work order to “Pave Street” shouldn’t be issued until the work orders to “Inspect Pipes” and “CCTV” are complete:


When the project plan is generated, a project is created along with individual work orders to “Survey”, “Dig”, etc. These work orders can then be scheduled on the new “Scheduling Calendar” available from the Project Module:


Work orders created by the project plan can be selected and edited like any other work order. If the work order is dependent on another work order, this will be shown in the header bar. If multiple dependencies exist, this will also be shown:


Defined project plans can be “generated” whenever needed, and can even be “scheduled” for generation using available features in the Preventive Maintenance Module. That is, a project plan can be specified to generate at a given PM interval, just like an individual procedure. This allows you to generate a predefined “set” of work orders with defined procedures for a specified asset, rather than just the single work order typically generated in the PM process.

Next Week….

In next week’s blog previewing Version 5.0 features, we will preview enhancements to the Reporter.

A Growing Family

We’ve turned the corner now halfway through the year, and things continue to be exciting and growing at Maintenance Connection. Over the past several months, this growth has allowed us the ability to bring on some great new talent. We’d like to welcome Paul Chen who has joined our sales team, Spencer Ruport and Chad Marsh who have jumped in with both feet to help with programming and development, Ed Bass and Dan Buljan who have talked to many of you already on the support line, and Steve Gustafson who is now gearing up to help new customers with implementations and training. Each of these new additions brings great experience, proven results, and will continue to help our efforts to raise the bar at Maintenance Connection.

Stay tuned for several exciting updates over the next 6-12 months. Our designers have been working closely with our marketing team to create a brand new, refreshed logo and image for Maintenance Connection. Expect to see this later this year.

We’re expanding our exposure in the coming months by participating in several trade shows, including the upcoming Facility Decisions show in Las Vegas on October 5-6. Come visit us at booth 528. We’re also planning a special event for customers while at the show, so be sure to drop us a note if you plan to come by.

Our developers are now hard at work incorporating customer feedback into our newest Version 5.0 which is currently slated to be announced at end of the year. Expect to hear more about great new features and tools which you’ll be able to quickly begin using upon upgrade.

Thanks again for your business, and we’re excited to continue raising the bar as we round out a solid 2010.

Best Regards,

Brad Squires
Vice President, Business Development