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Building on Your Investment – Zones Module

In an effort to help you build on your MC Investment, the next three blog topics will portray modules in MC that are used less frequently: Zones, Tasks and Bulletins. In this first topic in the series, we will cover the benefits of the Zones Module and how it can be used to improve assignment efficiency for geographically diverse organizations.

The Zones Module is especially beneficial for organizations that cover a large service area, as technician availability in a given area can be taken into consideration when assignments are made. In the following example, if a service request was received for an asset residing in the East District, the “Display Tabs as Zones” option on the Assignment Calendar could be used to easily identify which technicians will be in the area on a given date (4th and 5th of April in this example):

Zones, defined in the Zones Module, can also be assigned “zone colors” so that work orders assigned to that zone are more easily identified in the Work Order Explorer.

Once zones have been defined, they can be assigned to designated locations in your Asset Tree by specifying the “Zone” on the bottom left of the Asset Details Page.

As work orders are created for any assets beneath this location, they are automatically assigned to the given zone. In the Work Order Explorer, the zone color is shown in the first column, allowing you to easily identify work orders assigned to assets from the same zone, which is typically the same geographic area.

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In next week’s post in this series, we will explore how you can use the Tasks Module to create a “library” of common tasks for more consistent reporting against procedures and work orders.